Elon Musk Claps Back at John Oliver: ‘He Sold His Soul to Wokeness’

In Oliver’s Wokeland, says Musk, ‘comedy is basically illegal’
Elon Musk Claps Back at John Oliver: ‘He Sold His Soul to Wokeness’

You’re officially on notice, John Oliver — spend an entire half hour on Last Week Tonight kicking Elon Musk in the pants? You’d better know he’s going to come back swinging. After all, the guy spent $44 billion on his own blowhorn for just such occasions. Prepare to get dissed, Elon-style! 

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After Twitter user ALX (followed by emojis for the American flag, a Verified! blue checkmark, and the logo for Hunter Biden-bashing podcast The Benny Show) posted a link to Oliver’s rant with a sarcastic “Oh no, how will Elon ever recover?”, Musk fired his shot: “Oliver was great several years ago, but stopped being funny when he sold his soul to wokeness where humor is basically illegal,” Musk tweeted. BOOM!

It’s unclear from Musk’s tweet when Oliver transitioned from funny to woke — in Politico's opinion anyway, Oliver puts both sides of the political aisle on blast, noting that he’s “regularly called out the Biden administration.” I’m guessing that “woke” transformation arrived at the moment when Oliver started poking fun at Musk.

Musk, who fancies himself a comedy connoisseur, has an uneasy relationship with comedians these days. While the billionaire shouts out the virtues of Monty Python…

…and the once-exiled-from-Twitter Babylon Bee, his own comedic exploits falter. Twitter/X employees were afraid that the world’s richest man might hurt himself after getting booed offstage at a Dave Chappelle concert. He famously declared X a safe space for jokes late last year…

…making the world safe for Musk funnies about the numbers 420 and 69. 

The irony of Musk calling out John Oliver for his wokeness is that he’s shined the Elon-Signal in the sky, alerting people to the fact that Oliver’s rant exists. The inevitable result is people heading to Oliver’s socials to see what all the fuss is about.

If Musk had simply ignored Oliver, would I even be posting the entire delicious diatribe once more? Enjoy. 

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