Someone Tell Twitter That No One Is Killing 'Young Sheldon'

Tonight marks the end of ‘Young Sheldon’ — the show, not the kid
Someone Tell Twitter That No One Is Killing 'Young Sheldon'

The Young Sheldon series finale airs tonight — that’s probably how they should have phrased it.

Even when sitcom magnate Chuck Lorre simply announced the title of his Big Bang Theory prequel series back in 2016, the internet couldn’t help but make jokes at the expense of the series based on their previous favorite punching bag. For the last seven seasons, Middle America has embraced the family-focused coming-of-age sitcom Young Sheldon while us internet a-holes made it the butt of every joke with deeply disturbing memes and tweets. Tonight, after eight years of critical and commercial success, CBS says goodbye to its hit sitcom with executive producer and Old Sheldon actor Jim Parsons appearing on the show in the final episode — and, if Twitter is to be believed, on the final day of Young Sheldon’s life.

A tweet from the entertainment news outlet DiscussingFilm went viral today after they declared Young Sheldon’s end to be imminent, a post that Twitter took the completely wrong way — or the completely right one, if you happened to have put a hit out on the title character.

Non-psychopaths can watch the Young Sheldon series finale at 8 p.m. tonight on CBS. As for the Twitter crowd, the kind of ending youre looking for is more likely to be found on LiveLeak.


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