Chuck Lorre Continues to Milk ‘Big Bang Theory’ for All It’s Worth

Chuck Lorre Continues to Milk ‘Big Bang Theory’ for All It’s Worth

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Can we really call it a Big Bang Theory spinoff if a new sitcom’s characters barely appeared on Big Bang Theory? If you’re Chuck Lorre, why not? After the unexpected success of Young Sheldon — did you know it ran for seven dang seasons? — might as well continue to milk the cow. CBS just announced a new series featuring Sheldon’s brother Georgie, a character who barely appeared on Big Bang Theory but who’ll carry the show’s comedy torch nonetheless.

The just-announced series, which doesn’t have a name yet, sounds like a generic family sitcom notable only for featuring Young Sheldon’s Georgie and Mandy “as they raise their young family in Texas while navigating the challenges of adulthood, parenting and marriage.” A sitcom about parenting and marriage? Whoa — pretty out there. 

As a comedy concept, there’s no connection to the nerdy antics of grandfather Big Bang Theory other than a return to that show’s guffawing studio audience. For some reason, Young Sheldon went with the one-camera, no laugh track style. Variety reports it could be the first multi-camera to single-camera to multi-camera spinoff string in sitcom history, a fact interesting primarily to readers of Variety.

Due to a stupefying lack of details, it’s not clear which Georgie we’re going to get. Young Sheldon’s Young Georgie is a high-school dropout who resents all of the attention showered on his genius brother. Big Bang Theory briefly introduced us to Old Georgie, played by Jerry O’Connell, now the wealthy owner of a chain of tire stores. The new sitcom will likely feature In-Between Georgie, raising his young family but not quite the mogul he’ll eventually become. Another guess: There will be wacky neighbors or a gonzo co-worker. The smart money is on both.

Jordan Montana, the actor who will continue as Georgie, is pumped. “Thank y’all for the support of Young Sheldon,” he posted on Instagram in the show’s Texas drawl. “I hope to deliver just what y’all are looking for in this new adventure!”

CBS is hoping Lorre will deliver as well — another sitcom to plug into Young Sheldon’s spot on the schedule, delivering what passes for good-enough ratings in 2024. Lorre can no longer accumulate the generational wealth once made possible by syndicating mega-hits like Big Bang Theory, but that doesn’t mean he can’t continue to squeeze a few more dollars out of his old successes. Bazinga!


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