The Internet Can’t Believe That the ‘Babylon Bee’ Made Its First Funny Joke About Jerry Seinfeld

The ‘Babylon Bee’ took a break from parroting Republican talking points to make the best joke about Jerry’s latest controversy
The Internet Can’t Believe That the ‘Babylon Bee’ Made Its First Funny Joke About Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld may not have written a single solid zinger since the 1990s, but, this week, he unintentionally provided the perfect material for a publication that’s borrowed its convictions from the 1890s.

Earlier this week, a planned commencement speech by Seinfeld at the Duke University Class of 2024 graduation drew protests and walkouts by some students of the prestigious North Carolina academy who objected to Seinfeld’s pro-Israel public statements during the ongoing war in Gaza. Seinfeld, who recently sparked discussion and division in online spaces over his claim that the “extreme left and PC crap” killed comedy on television, now finds himself in a second controversy central to the internet’s endless culture wars. 

To no one’s surprise, the popular conservative satire site Babylon Bee quickly formulated their own take on the Duke protest of Seinfeld’s speech — but, to our shock, they absolutely nailed it.

Instead of doing their usual smug, buzzword-filled bullshit in which they’d somehow link the news story to Biden’s polling numbers or Trump’s campaign stops, Babylon Bee dropped a banger that made many Twitter users wonder whether the publication decided to pull a George Costanza special and start doing the opposite of their instincts:

Its a good sign for conservative comedy that they can occasionally prioritize the “comedy” part over the “conservative” half, and its a bad omen for Jerry Seinfeld that, even after Unfrosted hit streaming, this is the first time weve laughed at anything related to the once-great TV comic since the finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm

If Greg Gutfeld somehow cranks out a good gag about the Duke protest, well know for sure that its snowing down in hell.


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