Here Are Some ‘Doctor Who’ Doctors Reimagined As Pornhub Comments

The titular Time Lords have been spending their spare time in one of the internet’s most hilarious and depressing places
Here Are Some ‘Doctor Who’ Doctors Reimagined As Pornhub Comments

It’s not our place as humans to question what Time Lords do during their alone time, but who knew the TARDIS had Wi-Fi?

Canonically, the Doctor has experienced so many ages of the universe dating back to the Big Bang that, in the grand scheme of things, the little pocket of time in which both internet pornography and internet porn comments sections exist are barely a blink of an eye in the Doctor’s many lifespans — but, remember, don’t blink. We all know about the many male Doctors’ predilections for keeping young, attractive human women around as “companions,” but Doctor Who has, historically, kept its horny levels in manageable territory in regards to the title-ish character, and the Time Lord’s romantic entanglements don’t often delve into explicitly carnal matters.

That ceiling that the BBC placed on explicitly sexual content in their flagship sci-fi show has been under attack by the fanfiction community for as long as fanfic forums have existed. And, in a Twitter thread that went viral Thursdy afternoon, the unholy merging of Doctor Who and depravity reached a head when one Doctor Who superfan searched through the depths of the Pornhub comments section to find the perfect quotes for 16 different incarnations of the Doctor — predictably, with a double-up on David Tennant

Here are the many Doctors with their many pornographic posts, starting with…


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