34 Historical Comparisons As Twisty As a ‘Doctor Who’ Episode

Oh no, my brain hurts
34 Historical Comparisons As Twisty As a ‘Doctor Who’ Episode

Have you ever taken a moment to contemplate the passage of time? Its a real brain bender. Like, nosebleed-inducing. Benjamin Franklin first proposed Daylight Saving Time in 1784 to save on candle consumption (also presumably because he could see the future and wanted to force everyone to remember how their microwave clocks work), and thats not even crazy enough to make our list.

From lengthy processes like evolution, to seemingly rapid-paced things like technological developments, comparing any given two moments in time is wild. Certain elements of “the past” are far less “past” than we might think of them. The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be diving headlong into time travel and the multiverse, but honestly? Ant-Man getting stuck in the quantum realm or multiple Spiders-Man existing on screen is easier to digest than some of what you’re gonna read below. 


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