13 Eyebrow Arching Historical Comparisons

13 Eyebrow Arching Historical Comparisons

Time is malleable and odd. Ages and decades may pass in the blink of an eye, but 8th period chemistry with Ms. Binglebeckle lasts a veritable eternity.  We don’t make the rules, we don’t even know how they work. So don’t blame us.

Within the history of the world, human history is just a little speck. It's hard to get a sense of our place in history when the past seems so long ago and our own lifetime has moved so slowly. One of the best (and weirdest!) ways to get a grip on how strange time is, is to compare unlikely events. So it may be surprising that Tom Hanks and the last surviving person to witness Abraham Lincoln's assassination overlapped. 

We never would have guessed the hit rap single that dropped just when morse code was finally being discontinued for official maritime use. The technology that emerged just as women were granted the right to vote in Switzerland also really shocked us.

Here are 12 more history comparisons that don't sound correct, despite being true…

CRACKED.COM 5,000 years ago The Stone The Age still-living comes to end Great Basin an bristlecone pine was growing

Source: BBC

CRACKED.COM 1913 Harriet Rosa Parks Tubman was born died

1926 CRACKED.COM Marilyn Queen Monroe was Elizabeth II born was born

1977 CRACKED.COM Star Wars the last was released person was executed by guillotine in France

Source: WIRED

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