There Is Serious Debate About Whether Goofy Got It On With Jessica Rabbit

Hyuck, hyuck!
There Is Serious Debate About Whether Goofy Got It On With Jessica Rabbit

Anyone who’s ever seen A Goofy Movie knows that its titular star is one charming son of a bitch, as adept at disco dancing as he is at fly fishing. And as if you needed more proof, social media is here to remind us that Goofy was also a lady magnet. 

It’s canon, or at least to some toon historians. And that’s thanks to this dialogue near the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Jessica: Oh, Roger. You were magnificent.

Roger: Was I really?

Jessica: Better than Goofy.

Better than Goofy. Let that sink in: If Jessica knows that Roger is better than Goofy, that implies she knows how Goofy… is. Like I said, canon.

Or is it? Unsurprisingly, some Redditors take issue with the idea that Jessica and Goofy had spent some toon-on-toon time. “Goofy was Roger’s favorite as he thought Goofy was the best,” explains user Silver-Stable-3961. “When Jessica told him he’s better than Goofy, she meant as an entertainer, as a cartoon.”

But is the issue really settled? After all, Jessica “did go around playing patty-cake with men other than Roger,” points out redoctober25. “Just sayin’.”

That patty-cake meant nothing, argues FluffyDoomPatrol: “Hey, she was coerced into that. She only did it because they threatened Roger.”

Then there’s the issue of Max, Goofy’s son who was featured prominently in A Goofy Movie and the TV show Goof Troop. Surely viewers have noted that Max Goof’s mother — we don’t know for sure that Goofy married whoever she was — has never appeared on-screen. It all begs the question: Why doesn’t Max’s mother live with the Goof family? Did she die tragically? Or could it be because she’s currently married to Roger Rabbit? 

Let’s not forget that in the 1950s, some Goofy shorts featured a character called Goofy Jr. (whom some have speculated is actually Max). When Goofy Jr. was younger than teenage Max, he had… wait for it… RED HAIR.  Hey, the kid got it from somewhere, and it wasn’t Goofy Sr. 

The online debate is spirited, with deniers claiming Jessica would never cheat on Roger while the endorsers believe Goofy is always down to hyuck. Only Jessica and Goofy know for sure, and for his part, Goofy isn’t talking.


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