It is a miracle that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ever got made. With all the money and egos involved, it is a miracle that any movie gets made, but a half live-action, half animation movie picture featuring an original character mixing it up with classic cartoon characters from Disney and Warner Bros.? And it's a noir? With its point of reference being (of all movies) Chinatown? How on Earth did they come up with all of this?

While some of those questions go unanswered, there are some that can. There are several slight nods and references within Who Framed Roger Rabbit? that explain why certain characters were designed, story beats were added, and inside jokes. A lot of time, dedication, time, money, and time was put into this movie and it shows.

Here are some of the references, Easter eggs, and hidden meanings within Who Framed Roger Rabbit? that you probably missed:

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