This Company Took Its Business Idea Straight from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Selling gas door to door didn’t work in Philadelphia, but a company in Charleston, South Carolina thinks they’ve perfected the plan
This Company Took Its Business Idea Straight from ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Gas delivered directly to people’s homes is now a real thing in South Carolina — finally, Charlie’s accent will finally start to make sense.

On It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the Paddy’s Pub gang came up with one scheme in the Season Four episode “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” that they couldn’t get out of their systems: selling gas door to door. Mac, Charlie and Dennis never managed to get the the business off the ground, but they believed in the idea strongly enough that, when they abandoned their attempt to scab for striking garbage men in “The Gang Recycles Their Trash” in Season Eight, they agreed to return to the scheme that had apparently been on their minds for four years. Sadly, the Paddy’s Pub crew never quite followed through on their plan to perfect the formula for gas delivery.

Well, one company in Charleston, South Carolina believes that they’ve fine-tuned the business model that Mac, Charlie and Dennis attempted to trailblaze back in 2008, and they’re currently blowing up on TikTok. This week, a post from the entrepreneur page Martin Extraordinaire showing a gas delivery truck for the company Juiced Fuel filling up what appears to be a Range Rover (not unlike Dennis’ aquatic exploration vehicle) in front of a customer’s house exploded to three million views. 

I only have one question — who counts the gas?


As the TikToker explained (and as the official Juiced Fuel page confirmed), the gas delivery service charges the lowest per-gallon price of any station in the Charleston area, as well as either a monthly subscription fee of $24 for regular refuels or a one-time expense of $8 to have one of their fuel trucks pull up to your house and fill you up — ifn you was so inclined to let them.

However, conspicuously missing from the list of services that Juiced Fuel offers is a description of the personnel involved. As the main characters of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia found, the easiest way for a scheme such as this to go awry is for the crew to include a wild card who blows fireballs on his coworkers faces, shows up to clients homes in a 10-gallon hat with a weirdly sexually aggressive sales pitch and cuts the brake lines on the fuel truck. A home gas delivery service should limit its crews to the Brains, the Looks, the Muscle and, should they need a role for their version of Dee, the Useless Chick.

Most TikTokers who commented on the viral demonstration of Juiced Fuels scheme questioned the need for such a gas delivery service seeing as gas stations in Charleston — and across the country — are, famously, conveniently located. On top of that, the price of gas is already so high that any attempts to capitalize on fluctuations in the way Mac, Charlie and Dennis tried to do wouldnt net much of a profit. 

But thats not even addressing the biggest issue — in this iteration of the scheme, who are they even going to waterboard?


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