Sarah Sherman Immediately Regretted Clapping Back at ‘Ugly SNL’ TikTok

‘That’s what people want, they just want attention for one second’
Sarah Sherman Immediately Regretted Clapping Back at ‘Ugly SNL’ TikTok

When Sarah Sherman stopped by the Superfly podcast this week to hang with Dana Carvey and David Spade, it didn’t take long for Spade to bring up the Tiktoker who took SNL to task for never hiring “a hot woman.”


“Here's the thing: Literally, what is she smoking?” asked Sherman, holding herself up as an example. “I’m not funny but I’m good-looking.” But seriously, folks. “She brings up women who are literally drop dead, va va va voom, ga-ga-gorgeous,” she says. “And I was mad at myself for tweeting. I shouldn't have fucking said fucking anything because she said some shit for attention.”

How did Sherman even find out about the viral video? None of her friends care if she lives or dies, she jokingly claims, but she woke up that morning to several texts sharing the Tiktok, “like ‘Look at this LOL!’” 

“LOL means ‘fuck you,’ by the way,” offered Spade. 

Sherman agreed — her friends never send anything good, only Reddit threads full of teenagers complaining about how unfunny she is. “So I was sitting on the train and I don't know, I just fucking tweeted it and I immediately regretted tweeting it because she just wanted that. That's what people want, they just want attention for one second.”

It’s tricky, said Carvey, because if you protest too much, it comes off as a brag about being attractive.

“I know!” lamented Sherman. “And I didn't want it to come across as defensive. And then people thought I was legitimately upset. No, I just woke up ready to say something hilarious about grieving uglily.” 

Spade loved “uglily,” the funniest thing he’d heard in a while despite not being an actual word. 

“That’s why I did it,” Sherman confessed. “I felt compelled to bring a new word into the lexicon.” All joking aside, though, she wishes she could take back the post. “It just made it a bigger deal.”

One more thing that’s sticking in Sherman’s social media craw? “This got more attention than every time I tweet. When I tweet, ‘Hey everybody, check out the sketch that I made with my friends! I'm so proud of it! It's hilarious!’, it gets like two and a half likes.”

Spade threw some love to last week’s host Kristen Wiig. “What a stunner,” he said. “There are so many combo platters on that show of ‘really pretty’ and ‘hilariously funny.’ And funny's harder. You can't go get surgery to be funnier.”

Can’t being funny add to a person’s hotness, wondered Carvey? Not just for men but for women as well?

“Yeah, that’s another thing!” agreed Sherman. “Rodney Dangerfield was like the hottest guy who ever lived! Was he a looker? The metric is so crazy.”


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