An Alt-Right Icon Just Gave the Single Dumbest ‘Seinfeld’ Take Ever

An Alt-Right Icon Just Gave the Single Dumbest ‘Seinfeld’ Take Ever

This is the most moronic move the uber-conservatives have made since they picked up the wrong O’Brien at the airport.

Earlier this week, Larry David let loose one of his legendary rants about former president and current branded bible salesman Donald Trump in an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace. David called Trump a “sociopath” and claimed that he “can’t go a day without thinking about what (Trump) has done to this country because he’s such a little baby.” As is the case anytime anyone famous uses their First Amendment right to criticize Trump, the Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm auteur invoked the ire of every triggered snowflake in the alt-right podcasting sphere, including that of Turning Point USA co-founder, civil rights opponent and Martin Luther King Jr.-hater Charlie Kirk. The provocateur shot back at David by making his single dumbest statement since Kirk claimed that the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 was “a way to get rid of the First Amendment.”

On a recent episode of his podcast The Charlie Kirk Show, Kirk said that he “never liked Larry David,” claiming, “He is not the brains of the operation on Seinfeld, it was obviously Jerry or somebody else.” Who the hell is the “somebody else” who deserves more credit for the success of Seinfeld than its co-creators? Art Vandelay? 

“Ever since Donald Trump came on the scene, Larry David is not as happy of a person as he once was,” Kirk said of the comedy giant who has been famously displeased for at least the last 35 years. “I think he’s an atheist, he’s snarky, he’s your typical kind of New York Woody Allen-type that is constantly complaining and is, you know, thinks he could be really funny.” In case Kirk’s anti-Semitism was too subtle in his description of David, he also saved some fervor for Democratic donors in New York whom he described as “Miserable Upper East Side zealots that have a lot of money. The lords of easy money, connected to Wall Street, hedge fund, titans of all sorts of industry.”

Hilariously, Kirk still claimed to be a fan of Seinfeld, in which “constantly complaining” is basically one of the many unofficial slogans of the show. I’m not sure how Kirk rationalized downplaying the importance of David’s “snark” to the series, seeing as David served as the show’s head writer and executive producer for seven seasons and wrote a whopping 62 episodes during his tenure. Also, in case it flew over Kirk’s unsettlingly disproportionate head, you see that bald guy with the glasses? That guy’s based on Larry David. 

Let me know if I need to explain the religious implications of Festivus in case Kirk isn’t sure whether or not he’s supposed to be triggered by that, too.


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