The ‘South Park: Snow Day!’ Video Game Is Getting Absolutely Pelted With Terrible Reviews

School is out, but the jury is in on the ‘South Park’ game series’ frozen turd
The ‘South Park: Snow Day!’ Video Game Is Getting Absolutely Pelted With Terrible Reviews

When gamers and game critics got their hands on South Park: Snow Day! earlier this week, that snow quickly turned yellow.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone may have anticipated that the latest entry in the South Park game series and the third installment of the storyline started in 2014’s South Park: The Stick of Truth might get a chilly reception for fans of the previous games who preferred the RPG mechanics and show-accurate art style of Snow Day’s predecessors to the 3D hack-and-slash experience of the newest entry. They took big a risk moving the game series into the third dimension, but looking at many fiercely negative fan and critic reviews that have come out since Snow Day’s release on Tuesday, this new spin on South Park games is going over about as well as a pebble at the center of a snowball.

Even IGN, video game journalism’s king of giving passing grades to pieces of shit, gave the 3D multiplayer mess an atrocious 3/10 score, calling Snow Day! “the most toothless South Park adventure ever created.”

IGN also described Snow Day! as “a perplexingly boring third-person multiplayer game, where you and up to three of your unluckiest friends smack and blast your way through waves of samey first graders.” Even the game’s writing, which South Park fans would hope to be up to the level of the TV series itself seeing as Parker helmed the plot line, failed to impress the reviewer, who lamented, “All the humor and shocking moments for which South Park and its recent games are known is utterly missing in action, leaving little to recommend about this hollow, repetitious dud.”

Screen Rant also attacked the game’s disappointing comedy in its 4/10 review, characterizing the humor as embarrassingly dated. “The entire game seems trapped in some sort of 2021 post-COVID haze, where toilet paper is the commodity every adult in town hoards and ‘weak, gullible people’ are placated with a literal barrel of NFTs,” the reviewer wrote, adding, “It is satire in its absolute weakest form, and considering how biting and poignant South Park can be it is simply embarrassing to see its comedy stoop so low here.”

Of course, anyone who has ever seen The Shining knows that the critical community’s opinion on a work of art doesn’t mean a thing if it resonates with audiences, which makes the user reviews on the Snow Day! Steam page even more unfortunate. Fans shared the critics’ complaints about uninteresting gameplay, repetition, lack of content and, worst of all, the absence of the genuine laugh-out-loud moments that should be absolutely obligatory of any South Park project. “South Park Stick of Truth = Whole Episode of South ParkSouth Park Fractured But Whole = Whole Season of South ParkSouth Park Snow Day = Half an Episode of South Park” one disappointed gamer wrote in their thumbs-down review.

Another stated bluntly, “I’d rather go to school.”


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