Bill Maher Builds Podcast Network So Fred Durst Can Talk About UFOs

If one hour of Durst conspiracy theories is good, a weekly spew will be even better
Bill Maher Builds Podcast Network So Fred Durst Can Talk About UFOs

Thank God for Bill Maher. The man looked at America and realized, “The country is polarized. It’s like a prison yard — you’re either one team or the other. Everybody says they want to be in the middle, but really they just go to their corners.” The comedian-turned-talk show host knows there is only one way out. As a people, we need more podcasts.

That’s the most logical explanation for why Maher has started Club Random Studios, home to a slew of new podcasts from unsung voices like Sage Steele (who left ESPN after questioning vaccine rules and Barack Obama’s Blackness), Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, and most encouraging, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, who will front a pod about UFOs and conspiracy theories. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a weekly hour or two of this?


The Man has been feeding us fucking bullshit, Durst has been known to say from his water-fueled car. Time to drop some UFO knowledge!

What’s Corgan going to be up to in his podcast? Maher hasn’t said yet, but based on Corgan’s Club Random appearance, he might provide more inside dope on the types of women that rock stars can “pull.” Corgan was also impressed with Elon Musk’s lady game, perhaps promising a 2020s version of pickup-artist tricks. (To be fair, the married man says he’s more of the “let’s stay up all night and talk” type.)

The one thing all the shows will have in common is a certain Maher-ness. “The style of my podcast has notable differences from other ones,” Maher told Variety, “and we wanted to replicate that a bit.” It sounds like he’s found the perfect echo chamber partner in Steele, who’s already lined up high-character guests like UFC wife-slapper Dana White, comedy crank Adam Carolla and anti-vax Sopranos star Drea De Matteo. Get ready for violent kicks in the crotch for the woke community, tempered with high-octane defenses of free speech. Now that’s entertainment.

Despite his own distaste for the woke, Maher is girding his loins for election season and battles with an old nemesis. “What I have decided to do is not preemptively give up my nervous system to Donald Trump like I did last time, or maybe the last two times,” Maher says. “If he wins, he wins. I’ll do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen, but none of us have much influence.”

Will Maher’s passion for unfettered speech make him an enemy of the state? “Either (Trump) will blow up the world or put me in Guantanamo Bay or whatever, but I just cannot worry about it constantly.”

Until then, it’s time to cue up your podcast machines. Maher’s announcement is already pushing the buttons we love to hear: Authenticity! Unfiltered! “Dance like no one’s watching?” asks Maher. “We talk like no one can cancel us.”


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