Bill Maher Afraid Trump Will Strike Back at Bill Maher

Maher is sleeping with one eye open.
Bill Maher Afraid Trump Will Strike Back at Bill Maher

If you believe certain late-night comedians named Bill Maher, Donald Trump’s first order of business if he is re-elected President in 2024 will be taking down late-night comedians named Bill Maher. It’s unclear if this will be part of Trump’s campaign appeal to American voters, but we understand how such a platform could earn him a few votes.

"I am afraid of Trump on a very personal level because I don't think he likes me. I understand why," an apparently terrified Maher told Jake Tapper on a CNN prime-time special. "And I don't know what he would do in a second term."

It’s not the first time Maher has feared Trump’s personal retribution. After the 2016 election, a jittery Maher slept with one eye open. "He's obsessed,” Maher claimed, a feeling familiar to any Twitter influencer with overly eager reply guys. “He went on a tear for about eight months when he was president. Every time he'd have a rally, I have a list three pages long of the things he's called me." 

What’s the worst that could happen? "I thought I could wind up in Guantánamo Bay,” Maher lamented. “I think I still could."

To be fair, Maher has his own three-page list of nasty names he’s called Trump. On Fox News last year, the comic said Republican rival Ron DeSantis would make a better President than Trump because the Florida governor is “not certifiably insane.” Trump fired back by calling Maher “a radical left maniac.” Sticks and stones, fellas.

Maher’s made-for-prime-time comments come as CNN elevates the comedian’s position in response to Greg Gutfeld’s late-night success on Fox News. Maher certainly seems to be taking a few pages out of the Gutfeld! playbook, throwing provocative chum into the water for political pundits to gobble. It’s also a good reminder to all of us that while Jimmy Kimmel is making all the headlines for getting the former President’s goat, it’s really Maher that Trump is after! 

At least, that’s what CNN is banking on.  

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