‘Modern Family’ Stars Lament Sagging Careers at SAG Awards Reunion

‘Things are really great for me, guys,’ insisted a weeping Eric Stonestreet
‘Modern Family’ Stars Lament Sagging Careers at SAG Awards Reunion

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They got the Modern Family gang back together this weekend to present Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the SAG Awards. Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Eric Stonestreet showed up for the reunion — and it sounds like some of the cast members are doing better than others.

“I just sometimes get a little nostalgic for the golden days,” sighed Ferguson. “You know, it’s been a life after a big hit show. It can be nice too, right?” 

While everyone initially agreed with Ferguson, O’Neill brought some reality to the stage. “Who are we kidding?” he said. “I didn’t want to get emotional up here but you know what I miss about it most of all?”

Burrell guessed it was having a steady, day-to-day job but O’Neill quickly cut him off with the honest answer: “The money.”

Since the cast was getting real, Ferguson asked if it was too early to talk about a Modern Family reboot. Sadly, the actor no longer gets the star perks he once enjoyed. “They made me park about a mile away from here,” he confessed. 

Who needs a reboot? Bowen reminded Ferguson of his big Broadway career. “You always said you wanted to return to your roots in the theater.”

“That’s just something actors without hit shows say, OK?” replied Ferguson. “There’s a reason why the Tony Award is the last letter of EGOT.”

Stonestreet wanted to remind everyone he was doing just fine post-Modern Family. “I know Travis Kelce! I could Facetime him right now. I’m being serious. So things are really great for me,” he said, voice cracking and holding back tears. “No, I’m serious. Things are really great for me, guys.”

More successful members of the Modern Family cast had no trouble rubbing their good fortune in the faces of old friends. When Bowen noted that the sitcom’s successful run of 250 episodes never happens, Married … With Children star O’Neill just shrugged. “Happened twice to me.”

And how about Vergara? “My new show Griselda, it’s also for a month already number one in 90 countries!”

“Hey Jesse, pay up,” Stonestreet said, holding out his hand for some Ferguson cash. “I told you she’d mention it in the first 10 seconds.”



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