22 Movies That People Pretend to Like

22 Movies That People Pretend to Like

Everyone’s got their cinematic blind spots, movies that are universally beloved that you just haven’t gotten around to watching yet. Usually, once you do, you simply say to yourself, “I see why everyone liked that,” and dutifully cross it off your list. Sometimes, however, it feels like you’re taking crazy pills. “That is what everyone’s been badgering me to watch for the last 20 years?” you might say, as you’re in such a habit of talking to yourself. It can happen in the moment, too. You exit the movie theater, turn to your friends, and say, “What a piece of shit that was, eh?” only to be greeted with the awkward silence and suppressed sniffles of the genuinely moved who will no longer be inviting you out for movie nights.

Now, you might just be a big jerk, but let’s not immediately discount the possibility of a “director has no clothes” situation. Maybe the movie has just been hyped up so much that no one is willing to admit that it sucks hot farts. No one except you, you brave soul. There’s almost certainly at least one movie you’re positive everyone else only acts like they like, which is why Redditor LuinAelin recently asked r/AskReddit, “What movie are you convinced people only pretend to enjoy?” 

Were you anticipating a lot of Kubrick? Because there’s a lot of Kubrick.

The English Patient

A Clockwork Orange



2001: A Space Odyssey

Donnie Darko

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The Godfather

The Notebook

Bird Box

The Blair Witch Project

The Purge

The Passion of the Christ

The Human Centipede

Star Wars: The Last Jedi




Black Panther

Last Tango in Paris


The Great Gatsby

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