Matt Rife’s Radio Co-Host Escorted Out of His Show in Handcuffs

Lisa Ann tweeted a video of herself getting dragged out of the stand-up set of her apparent colleague
Matt Rife’s Radio Co-Host Escorted Out of His Show in Handcuffs

Something’s fishy about the latest viral incident involving an audience member getting dragged out of a comedy club on camera — usually it costs some serious cash to get Lisa Ann in handcuffs.

Two weeks ago, a bizarre scene at Mark Normand’s stand-up show at New York Comedy Club sparked widespread confusion when a panicked man hopped on-stage in the middle of Normand’s set before theater security and the show’s producers hauled them both out of the venue. Within hours of the awkward disturbance going viral on Twitter, Normand, NYCC and Donald Glover all revealed that the whole stupid stunt was staged to promote Glover’s new show, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Now, controversial TikTok comedian Matt Rife is at the center of another viral audience removal after actress Lisa Ann Corpora, best known for playing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in the Hustler film Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, posted a video of herself seemingly being escorted by police officers out of Rife’s show at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday night.

Since her retirement from the adult entertainment industry, Lisa Ann has established herself as a radio personality, including on a mysterious show co-hosted by Rife, according to TMZ. There isn’t any other information out there about this apparent joint project, which begs the question that’s going to be on our minds every time someone gets kicked out of a comedy club on camera: “Is this an ad?”

Supposedly, Lisa Ann was asked to leave by ushers who accused her of using her phone to record Rife’s set, but as the video shows, Lisa Ann vehemently denied the allegations. NYPD confirmed that they apprehended the legendary adult video actress, characterizing her outburst as a psychiatric episode based on her erratic behavior. The police further claimed that Radio City staff told them that Lisa Ann had overindulged on alcohol. Lisa Ann also says that a paramedic on the scene refused the officers requests to put the former porn star in custody at a hospital, saying they had really ill people to treat. NYPD did not charge Lisa Ann and released her 45 minutes later.

There are a few layers of weird in this incident that need explanation. First, who was waiting outside the theater with their camera app ready to record Lisa Anns arrest? Then, how did Lisa Ann find this person and score exclusive rights to post the video? Finally, why does her account of the conflict between paramedics and police officers sound like it was lifted from a Dick Wolf show?

As for the relationship between Lisa Ann and her “friend” Rife, the only information on the internet that links the two is a clip from Rife's stand-up set at the Laugh Factory 2019 in which he told a story about meeting the starlet at a coffee shop and recoiling with disgust when she kissed his cheek.

Right now, its impossible to say for sure what happened at Rifes show at Radio City Music Hall, nor do we know that the incident is or isnt another viral marketing stunt. But, as the top reply under Lisa Anns Twitter post posits, “Most unbelievable part? She was enjoying Matt Rife.”

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