24 Movies That Absolutely Require Spoiler Warnings

Don’t read the Wikipedia page for ‘Poor Things’
24 Movies That Absolutely Require Spoiler Warnings

No matter what the online mobs tell you, spoilers can be fun. They let you keep an eye out for the clues to a great plot twist without forcing you to watch twice or at least let you know what you’re in for with some weird shit like Swiss Army Man. In that case, Daniel Radcliffe’s performance as a fart-powered corpse will keep you hooked without needing to surprise you.

Redditor Chewie83 concurs. “Certain movies are just as great of an experience even if you’ve had it spoiled,” they recently told r/Movies. “If you already knew Arnold was the good terminator the first time you watched T2, it’s still top-tier entertainment. Same for the original Matrix, etc.”

But some movies are all shock. There’s just no point in watching if you already know what happens. “A recent example would be Barbarian,” they continued. “Having absolutely no idea what comes next is what makes that movie such a ride.” They then asked, “What movie benefits SO much from going in blind that it’s not as worth watching if you’ve read a synopsis?” and Reddit is begging you not to skim these Wikipedia pages.

The Menu


From Dusk Till Dawn

The Thing

Get Out


Night of the Living Dead

A Quiet Place

The Prestige

Edge of Tomorrow

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Pulp Fiction

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father



The Crying Game

Miracle Mile

The World’s End

Palm Springs

Poor Things


Gone Girl

The Sixth Sense


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