Hopefully the Name of Nick Kroll’s Newest TV Show Doesn’t Mean He’s Going Anti-Woke

Kroll’s upcoming FX comedy cashes in on a classic culture war buzzword
Hopefully the Name of Nick Kroll’s Newest TV Show Doesn’t Mean He’s Going Anti-Woke

Even among the most crotchety conservatives on the internet, insulting hypersensitive liberals by calling them “snowflakes” is finally starting to go out of style, but we should never underestimate cable TV’s ability to be late to the party.

Nick Kroll is not what most comedy fans would describe as a “culture war comic.” Unlike seemingly the rest of the comedians currently entrenched in the zeitgeist, he doesn’t even have a podcast where he complains about every individual piece of criticism he’s ever received under the guise of fighting against censorship. And, in his most successful project, the record-breakingly long-running Netflix series Big Mouth, Kroll’s professed some forward-thinking ideas on sexuality and gender through the comically oversized lips of the most uncomfortably salacious seventh graders in animation.

So, when I saw that Kroll is set to executive produce an original comedy series for FX titled Snowflakes, my heart sank when I realized it’s way too late in the season for this to be some simple holiday shlock.

The logline of Snowflakes describes the show as a “twenty-something ensemble comedy following a group of codependent housemates trying to be good people, despite being neither ‘good’ nor ‘people’ yet.” The series will be written and executive produced by former Tonight Show staffers and Naked in the Rideshare: Stories of Gross Miscalculations authors Ben Kronengold and Rebecca Shaw who, refreshingly, don’t list any credits for Gutfeld!Babylon Bee or, god forbid, one of Rob Schneider’s Fox Nation standup specials on their respective professional websites.

FX hasn’t revealed anything about Snowflakes beyond the simple synopsis, but, by that description, it does seem like Kroll, Kronengold and Shaw are leaning into the baggage of the buzzwordy title to playfully prod at the personal and moral struggles of the younger generation. Then again, there’s still time for this series to take a left turn into right-wing groan-worthy culture war comedy — we still haven’t seen the cast list.

If the Snowflakes team ever announces that Tim Allen will play one of the twenty-somethings, we’ll know for sure that Kroll is putting the “Fox” back in FX.


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