‘The Smartest Person in the Room Has Never Announced That They’re the Smartest Person in the Room’: Daniel Tosh Writes Hilarious Open Letter to Aaron Rodgers

Tosh torched Rodgers on the subjects of Kimmel and COVID in an emergency podcast episode
‘The Smartest Person in the Room Has Never Announced That They’re the Smartest Person in the Room’: Daniel Tosh Writes Hilarious Open Letter to Aaron Rodgers

Daniel Tosh doesn’t know whether Aaron Rodgers or Jimmy Kimmel ever hung out with Jeffrey Epstein — all he’s saying is that the former’s facial hair isn’t helping his case.

Yesterday, barely 24 hours after former NFL punter and current NFL loudmouth Pat McAfee said that the controversial New York Jets quarterback would not return to The Pat McAfee Show for the rest of the season due to his ongoing feud with a certain late night host, Rodgers popped into the talk show to discuss the upcoming NFL playoffs and to continue to avoid actually apologizing for openly insinuating that one of his critics is a pedophile. Neither McAfee nor Rodgers had any interest in discussing the feud between Rodgers and Kimmel, nor did they walk back any of their contradictory public statements about the scuffle.

Rodgers’ mudslinging and subsequent self-victimization during a controversy that he started without provocation are par for the course when it comes to the quarterback’s relationship with the rest of the world — Rodgers previously came under fire for being intentionally misleading about his vaccination status early on during the pandemic and he’s been known to parrot popular alt-right conspiracy theories on the subject that he may or may not have picked up from Joe Rogan. Meanwhile, a different comedy podcaster has his own thoughts on Rodgers’ theories — in an emergency episode of Tosh Show, the host addressed Rodgers, “Before you go on television accusing people of (being) pedophiles, could ya shave the mustache?”

“I wrote an open letter to Aaron Rodgers,” Tosh began the abbreviated episode, “Actually it was a closed letter but I don’t have his address.” Tosh implored the provocative quarterback to “Calm the f— down,” advising him, “In the history of the world, the smartest person in the room has never announced that they’re the smartest person in the room.” Tosh walked through Rodgers’ history of thumbing his nose at medical experts and media members while touting his own beliefs as more enlightened than mainstream thinking. “F—, do I find it tiresome,” Tosh lamented.

On the subject of the Kimmel controversy and Rodgers’ follow up appearances on The Pat McAfee Show, Tosh said of Rodgers, “He does this not-apology, he’s still feuding with Jimmy because Jimmy made a joke at his expense, and he then goes on this long COVID rant. And, by the way, he starts the COVID rant in the most pretentious way possible. He’s like, ‘I know it’s a novel concept, but I like to read.’ F— you! F— you, oh, you like to read and you’ve done all this research? You know who else likes to read? Tons and tons of Catholic priests who have molested boys, so maybe reading’s not so great.”

Tosh further mocked Rodgers’ grandstanding about the COVID lockdown and continued to give Rodgers a taste of the medicine that the quarterback attempted to administer to Kimmel, not-so-subtly insinuating that Rodgers himself may have some Epstein-shaped skeletons in the closet.

The comedian closed his rant by mocking those who ever took Rodgers’ self-important takes on serious issues at face value, saying, “Could I be wrong? Yes. Could my doctors be wrong? Yes, of course they could. I have no problem saying that. But, if there’s a sword I’m going to fall on, it’s going to be that. I’m not going to be like, 

‘Oh, my wife and kids died.’ 

‘Oh my goodness, how did they die?’ 

‘Well, I listened to my award-winning doctors from Beverly Hills instead of the quarterback for the Jets.’

‘Zach Wilson?’

‘No! The other one that reads!’”


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