Yo, It’s 9 ‘SNL’ Commercials That Are Totally ‘90s

Get jiggy with the funniest fake ads of the ‘90s
Yo, It’s 9 ‘SNL’ Commercials That Are Totally ‘90s

Don’t be trippin’, boo — crunk commercial parodies have rocked Saturday Night Live since the show began, and the totally excellent ‘90s were no exception. Here are nine fly ads starring SNL favorites that are truly da bomb. Booyah!

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Colon Blow

The 1990s saw the rise of the high-fiber diet fad for both health and weight loss. Engineering products guaranteed to goose the gastronomical was big business — and none bigger than Colon Blow.

Happy Fun Ball

In the good old days, you could advertise just about anything and get away without mentioning the potentially lethal side effects. New government regulations changed all that in the ‘90s, and Happy Fun Ball showed us just how deadly the world’s happiest toy could be. 

Chia Head

The ‘90s were an amazing decade for balding men, George Costanza notwithstanding. The discovery that the drug minoxidil encouraged hair growth led to an explosion in products promising virility and youth through the magic of follicles.

Nikey Turkey

Reebok and Nike engaged in an all-out pumped-up shoe war in the 1990s, because for some reason, people wanted to inflate their footwear. The technology’s introduction into food was the next logical step.

Crystal Gravy

The decade saw a lot of weird pop-culture phenomena, including the Sammy Hagar-led Van Halen and the introduction of clear products that you could see through. Crystal Pepsi had the added benefit of… looking like water? It was advertised by ripping off Van Halen’s “Right Now” music video. Knowing all that might help you appreciate this.

Schmitts Gay

‘90s beer commercials followed a tried-and-true formula, with dumb young guys enjoying cold brews surrounded by bikini-clad ladies. Schmitts Gay basically recreated the era’s typical spot with one switcheroo — buff dudes in Speedos replaced the gals.

Holding Your Own Boobs Magazine

Host Sarah Michelle Gellar tells you all you need to know about the decade’s hottest photo trend — naked female celebrities covering their bare boobs with their hands. Why not a magazine devoted to such photos? Oh wait, that was called Maxim.

Maya Angelou for Froot Loops

Poet Maya Angelou recited her work at Bill Clinton’s inauguration, providing a mannered template for David Alan Grier’s killer impersonation. Who better to expound upon the virtues of fruity breakfast sugar? 

Cluckin’ Chicken

Fast-food restaurants ramped up the kiddie meals in the 1990s, luring tots with fun characters who sold the delicious malnutrition that awaited. Clucky is the natural end game.

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