Dan Levy Explains Why We Still Haven’t Seen the Seemingly Inevitable ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Revival

Levy is eager to bring more ‘Schitt's Creek,’ but he’s hesitant to pick up the shovel
Dan Levy Explains Why We Still Haven’t Seen the Seemingly Inevitable ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Revival

It’s been almost four years since Schitt’s Creek stopped production, which, in the modern media timeline, means that the Canadian feel-good sitcom sensation is past due for a pandering, fan-servicing sequel project.

In an era of entertainment when no commercially successful sitcom is safe from sequels, revivals or nostalgia-mining rewatch podcasts, “series finale” is one of those quaint, antiquated terms that remains in use as a relic of a bygone era when it actually meant something, much like how “literally” is no longer literal and “filming” rarely involves any film at all. In the case of Schitt’s Creek, which accrued a massive, devoted following for its chic costuming, refreshing sincerity and comically Canadian production team, speculation over a follow-up film, TV show or podcast began before series star and creator Dan Levy, his father Eugene and the rest of the cast and crew even wrapped filming on their documentary epilogue, Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell.

When speaking with Radio Times about his latest project, the Netflix original film Good Grief, the younger Levy answered a question about the lasting legacy of Schitt’s Creek and whether or not the show’s still-fervent fans can expect another installment set in the show’s universe. “We care about giving the cast and the fans a reason to come back that doesn’t feel less than what they left,” Levy gave as a measured answer that would make Kelsey Grammer sweat through his sweater vest. 

“Ha! I cannot imagine a higher note to end on,” Levy said of his hit show’s original ending while so many so-called fans continue to demand that he desecrate the carefully crafted conclusion. Levy explained, “It's a delicate balance, because when you turn people off, they’ll never come back.”

However, Levy clarified that he’s in no way opposed to the idea of a sequel project involving the characters and universe of Schitt’s Creek; in fact, he’s champing at the bit to return to the soft lighting and podunk plotlines of his fish-out-of-water franchise. “Until the idea comes (for a revival), I can’t see it happening. But I pray that one day it does and I think, ‘This is it!’”

Since the original Schitt's Creek series ended with the family splitting up after their extended stay in a provincial motel to pursue their respective ambitions having finally found their way, it’s hard to imagine any attempt to reunite the Rose family reading as anything beyond a cynical cash-in lacking any creative impulse beyond, “Let’s create more money.” And, in the age of extended universes, once the door is opened for a sequel project, it’s impossible to close the door on even more derivative spin-offs.

Levy acknowledged that ugly truth despite his desire to see the Schitt’s Creek franchise expand, saying that, the second he greenlights the seemingly predestined Netflix film adaptation, the first question he’ll hear from his fans will be, “Is there a sequel to the movie?”


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