6 Funny Things People Other Than Jo Koy Did at the Golden Globes

Just because Koy tanked his monologue doesn’t mean the show was laugh-free
6 Funny Things People Other Than Jo Koy Did at the Golden Globes

In case you didn’t hear, host Jo Koy didn’t exactly kill it at last night’s Golden Globes. 

But just because Koy tanked doesn’t mean the Globes were laugh-free. Here are six hilarious moments from last night’s show that even the hapless host couldn’t ruin…

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If Studio Executives Wrote the Golden Globes

Daniel Kaluuya, Hailee Steinfeld and Shameik Moore got off one of the night’s best bits by presenting the Best Screenplay award as if their scripted banter was written by studio executives instead of the professionals. 

KALUUYA: What is up, Shameik?

MOORE: Not much, Daniel. How are you, Hailee? 

STEINFELD: I am relatable. I am enjoy the Golden Globs. Do you agree?

MOORE: I do agree.

KALUUYA: As do I. 

You Mean Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Were Just Sitting There the Entire Time?

Imagine the Golden Globes if these two handled the hosting duties instead of Koy. They must have said no. Someone asked them, right?

Emma Stone Gives Taylor Swift What She Deserves

Swift went nuts applauding the Poor Things star’s win for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy. That didn’t stop Stone, a long-time friend of Swift’s, from letting her have it backstage. During Stone’s after-victory press conference, a reporter asked what she thought about Swift’s vociferous cheering. Stone didn’t hold back: “What an asshole, am I right?”

She was joking.

Kieran Culkin Lets His Competitors Know Where They Stand

After five-time nominee Culkin finally took home a Golden Globe for his performance on Succession, he took the stage to gloat. “Suck it, Pedro,” he told Last of Us nominee Pedro Pascal. “Sorry.”

Jennifer Lawrence Throws Down an Ultimatum

Just because Lawrence has already won three Golden Globes doesn’t mean she has to stick around for the show’s bullshit. As she was announced as a nominee for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, she let the world know that “If I don’t win, I’m leaving.”

She stuck around anyway to cheer for Emma Stone.

Simu Liu and Issa Rae Imagine the Possibilities

After getting the chance to play Barbie and Ken this summer, Rae and Liu crossed their fingers that they might get to play more white-people roles in the future. On their wish list: “An alcoholic divorced single father fighting for custody,” “an alcoholic housewife whose husband’s affair drives her deeper into alcoholism” and “an alcoholic schoolteacher who must put their love of alcohol aside to inspire their class of inner-city youths.” 


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