James Corden Is Still ‘the Biggest Dickhead Celebrity’ That Mel B Has Ever Met

The Spice Girl doubled down on her distaste for the caustic former talk show host
James Corden Is Still ‘the Biggest Dickhead Celebrity’ That Mel B Has Ever Met

What Scary Spice wants, what she really really wants, is for James Corden to square up.

There was, perhaps, no more telling indication that both sides of the Atlantic Ocean have similar feelings towards the former Late Late Show host than when, in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, both U.K. and American soccer fans on the internet agreed that whichever country lost the matchup between the two national teams would have to keep Corden. The match ended in a draw, and, as such, Corden remained in the United States for a few more months before moving to London, thus splitting his time in 2023 between the two countries and ensuring that everyone lost. Now that Corden is back in Britain indefinitely, stories of his behind-the-scenes bad attitude and mistreatment of various workers underneath him is fodder for U.K. tabloids instead of the terror of New York’s restaurants.

As such, when pop icon and TV personality Mel B was given the chance to renew her vow of hatred towards Corden during her recent appearance on Late Night Lycett, she did so with all the pep and enthusiasm that one would expect from a Spice Girl. When Joe Lycett asked Mel B, “Which Spice Girl described James Corden as the ‘Biggest dickhead celebrity?’” she exclaimed, “Me!” My guess would have been whichever poor waitress served Corden his curry that night.

Mel B first explained her distaste for Corden during an interview on the British comedy talk show The Big Narstie Show in late 2022, right around the time Corden’s public clash with a New York restauranteur over Corden’s habitual mistreatment of service workers ruined what was left of his carefully curated phony nice guy public image. When the host asked Mel B which celebrities she’s met were the “biggest dickhead,” her first answer was Corden, followed by fellow Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and closing with herself. 

“I think you always have to be nice to the people that you work with, whether it be production, camera guys, sound, lighting,” Mel B said of Corden’s inclusion as the non-joking choice for biggest dickhead. “We all work for the same thing, so you should always be nice, and he hasn’t been very nice.”

Scary Spice declined to elaborate on her answer during the recent appearance on Late Night Lycett, so we’re left to speculate over what exactly Corden did to his production staff in front of Mel B that made her wonder, “Who Do You Think You Are?”

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