7 Times Sitcom Weddings Got Disrupted and Moved to a Far Worse Location

It’s a trope that definitely leans hard into the ‘worse’ half of ‘for better or worse’
7 Times Sitcom Weddings Got Disrupted and Moved to a Far Worse Location

A lot of tropes get recycled from sitcom to sitcom. There’s the dinner with the boss where everyone has to be on their best behavior, but at least one person won’t be. There’s the two-timer date where our protagonist is running back and forth between a couple of different dates scheduled simultaneously. And, of course, there is the doomed wedding. Not “doomed” in the sense of two people calling off their wedding after realizing they’re not right for each other, but doomed in that the perfect wedding doesn’t happen and there are gags, jokes and endless forks in the road before we get to the “I dos.”

Here are just a few sitcom weddings that went horribly wrong, but definitely reinforced the idea of “for better or for worse”…

New Girl

When Schmidt flies to Portland in an attempt to convince Cece’s mother to come to their wedding, he’s the knight in shining armor. But in the case of this fairy tale, the steed is the airplane, and that steed breaks down, leaving poor Schmidt stuck on the tarmac and unable to make his nuptials. Instead of the planned multicultural blowout that had been prepared, the gang finds themselves having an intimate wedding in the loft, which almost feels more fitting.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The boys and girls at Brooklyn’s fictitious 99th Precinct are saving the day episode after episode, so why would the long-anticipated wedding between Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago be any different? After defusing a bomb threat that was actually a jealous ex, the two tied the knot in the parking lot of their beloved cop shop. 

The Big Bang Theory

Unlike most couples on this list, Howard and Bernadette wanted their Big Bang wedding to be a modest gathering at City Hall before he goes into space, but in this sitcom, even the simplest request can’t be met. When City Hall closes before they can get married (and naturally won’t reopen before Howard’s departure), the lovable group of nerds come together, plan a wedding, get ordained in record time and celebrate the couple on the rooftop of their building.

Modern Family

When Haley Dunphy and Dylan plan to elope before their baby is born, Claire and Phil suggest a shotgun wedding at the Dunphy house instead. Of course, everything that could go wrong at their living-room ceremony absolutely does. But by the episode’s conclusion, the two get married in the kitchen with just close family in attendance for a touching Modern Family twist.



This Friends wedding had everything: Monica as a militant wedding planner, two friends learning that they’re not in the wedding party and a blizzard that forces Phoebe and Mike to get married in the middle of the street instead of the beautiful venue they’d selected. All of which goes to show that a wedding can happen anywhere as long as you’re with the friends that you love.

The Office

A scrotum injury, an accidental pregnancy reveal, two bumbling men trying to hook up with anything in sight and a torn veil were the ingredients of a bomb waiting to explode during Jim and Pam’s nuptials. And when that proverbial bomb finally does go off, the bride and groom flee the scene and opt for an intimate union aboard a ferry overlooking Niagara Falls before returning to the church to placate their guests with the pomp and circumstance of the wedding they came for.

Schitt’s Creek

The series finale for a show that references being up a creek without a paddle wasn’t without a few Schitt’s-filled moments leading up to David and Patrick’s wedding. There was a rainstorm, a hand job and a canceled officiant. But in the end, the City Hall wedding was a wonderful culmination of both David and Patrick’s relationship and the show. Not to mention, we got to see Moira Rose in one more iconic outfit.

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