Schmidt From ‘New Girl’ Pays Tribute to Taylor Swift With A Callback

Max Greenfield supported his former co-star wearing a custom costume piece at her concert
Schmidt From ‘New Girl’ Pays Tribute to Taylor Swift With A Callback

Did you know that Elaine from New Girl is also a singer?

Obviously, Taylor Swift is much more than just the fiance-stealing side character who crashes Cece’s wedding and paves the way for Schmidt to rekindle his romance — she’s also in a music video with Mike Birbiglia. However, New Girl fans may have been introduced to the actress and (apparent) singer in the Season Two episode titled “Elaine’s Big Day,” and when Max Greenfield and his real-life wife were nice enough to patronize his former co-star’s cute little music gig at a hole-in-the-wall venue called SoFi Stadium, he wore a reminder of their time together to show his support.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Greenfield showed off a bracelet bearing the words “Elaine’s Big Day” from his seat near the stage — his second favor done for Swift after attending what I assume was a bringer show.

In all seriousness, it’s weirdly endearing to juxtapose Swift’s superstardom with her single-scene cameo from 10 years ago. As popular and beloved as New Girl both is and was, it would be outrageous for arguably the most famous woman in the world to appear in a Fox sitcom today just to be the white girl who steals someone’s groom. 

That’s not to say that New Girl is small potatoes. After all, the network sitcom apparently paid well enough for Greenfield to afford exorbitant Taylor Swift tickets — maybe every single Netflix actor can pool their residuals to buy a parking pass at her next show.

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