21 Movies That Were Definitely Written By Committee

‘The Stepford Wives’ felt test-screened to hell and back
21 Movies That Were Definitely Written By Committee

There are lots of movies that couldn’t be made today, and we don’t mean in a Blazing Saddles way. This is more about the 2001: A Space Odyssey type of movies, weird and confusing and offensive-feeling but nobody’s sure why. People would like 2001 today, but it wouldn’t gross $200 million at the box office, so more often than not, that kind of movie just doesn’t get made. More and more, the big studio releases seem to be conceived to appeal to as many people as possible, at the expense of meaning and beauty and, you know, everything else a film is supposed to be.

These are movies that, Redditor Particular-Camera612 recently explained to r/Movies, “are broadly accused of taking no risks” and “feel as safe and made to bother as few people as possible.” They then asked, “What films have you seen that through and through feel this way? Like, not just a moment or so, but overall feel insanely sanitized and calculated towards an audience to not offend, not take risks, not do anything daring?” Of course, the usual Marvel and Disney suspects were taken to task, but so were cleaned-up biopics, watered-down adaptations, and of course, every Boomer’s favorite henchmen.

Alien: Resurrection

I Am Legend

Bohemian Rhapsody

World War Z

Kong: Skull Island

Ready Player One

Saving Mr. Banks

The Stepford Wives


Top Gun: Maverick

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Flamin’ Hot

Red Notice

The Thing


The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Transformers: Age of Extinction

Forrest Gump


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