The Best Sitcom Freakouts

‘Friends’ fans know: Don’t touch Ross’ turkey sandwich
The Best Sitcom Freakouts

“What’s your favorite sitcom freak out?” That’s the frantic question that u/Helloimafanoffiction asked r/sitcoms on Reddit this week. “Basically a moment where a sitcom character went crazy.” As always, the good users of the funny TV subreddit had some ready answers — here are a few of the most unhinged responses…

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You Threw My Sandwich Away???

To be fair, Ross’s sandwich on Friends wasn’t just any sandwich. It was a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. So of course the guy freaks out -- if you call frightening away a flock of birds “freaking out.” 

“Justice for Ross!” demanded u/haileyskydiamonds, while u/orchestragravy pulled off a killer Ross impersonation: “MY SANDWICH??? MYY SAAANDWIICH????”

“With no laugh track,” added u/DryWave5450, “he’s a psychopath.”

Oh the Humanity!

Is there something about Thanksgiving-themed episodes that bring out the crazy in characters? u/alady12 got plenty of upvotes for nominating Les Nessman’s reporting of the WKRP in Cincinnati turkey drop.

“I wish they would show it every Thanksgiving,” said u/Malificent_Chard2042. “Poor Les.”

In the opinion of u/Zyffyr? “One of the best moments in the history of television.”


Jessie Spano’s caffeine-fueled spasms to the tune of the Pointer Sisters are an all-time Saved By The Bell jawdropper. “Oh that was the worst,” said u/Potterhead3586. “It was supposed to be real speed but that was deemed too mature for television so they did THAT instead of just nixing the episode.”

“I get second hand embarrassment just from reading this,” groaned u/Electrical-Pie-1892. “It was so lame.”

Frank Finds Out

“Early in It’s Always Sunny when Frank finds out he isn’t Dennis and Dee’s dad and flips out on his ex-wife in the restaurant,” offered u/LaMalintzin. “Jesus, Frank?! Jesus Frank! Jesus, Frank?!”

“my horrible hoor wife has tricked me into raising two BASTARDS for 30 years, and i’m being asked to not make a scene!” echoed u/lizziethearies, summing up Frank’s point of contention in a single line of dialogue.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

u/candiecatie nominated Designing Women’s Julia Sugarbaker for this heartfelt rant:

“Girl knew how to tell people off,” applauded u/LadyBug_0570. “I loved her.”

“One of the greatest episodes of any show ever,” agreed u/Addhalfcupofsugar.”Every woman who has ever put on a few pounds cried her eyes out and then stood in thundering applause!!!”

Probably Rats on the Track

How about “Elaine Benes' internal monologue when she gets stuck on the NY subway,” suggested u/bellestarxo. “Julia Louis Dreyfus is brilliant.” 

“Favorite episode of all time!!” shouted u/mawrey9mayhem. “What's that on my leg! And the bleeped out cursing was so hilarious.”

The Solution to What Ails Captain Holt

Let’s raise a glass to the late Andre Braugher, who pulled off one of the all-time great freakouts when Rosa opined that Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Captain Holt and his husband Kevin just needed to bone.

“One for the ages, truly,” marveled u/brooklynmogwai. 

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