Remembering André Braugher’s Funniest Moments on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Rest in peace, Captain Holt
Remembering André Braugher’s Funniest Moments on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

André Braugher passed away this week at the age of 61 after a short illness. The actor, revered for weighty roles in shows like Homicide: Life on the Street, made a brilliant late-career turn into comedy as the seriously straightfaced Capt. Raymond Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Here are ten of Braugher’s funniest moments from the show. 

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I Knew It!

In the Great Holt-Off, the members of the Nine-Nine compete to see who can do the best impression of their captain. Holt himself inadvertently declares a winner.

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Need to learn the flute? We have the teacher for you, even though he can be a harsh taskmaster.

Accidental Wordplay

Was Holt funny on purpose? Sometimes. In other instances, he just stumbled into it.

I Was Told There Would Be No Math

There’s a reason Holt was the one in charge.

You Two Just Need to Bone

Don’t say it again!

I’m Not Buying It

Holt had an ongoing feud with Deputy Chief Commish Madeline Wunch that lasted even after her unexpected death.

The Magic of Endorphins

Who needs nicotine when you got that runner’s high?

True Friends Sit in Silence

There’s nothing freakier than Captain Holt small talk.

That’s My Doggy!

A large police chief needs a faithful, pint-sized companion.

My Most Precious Secret

Holt’s most precious secret is the ultimate distraction.

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