How to Serve Humor on the Thanksgiving Menu

How to Serve Humor on the Thanksgiving Menu

We’re not telling you to forego the cranberry sauce, the homemade stuffing or Aunt Lucy’s cheesy broccoli casserole. But food shouldn’t be the only thing you’re assembling for your Thanksgiving festivities. This holiday, let’s all give thanks for laughter with these Thanksgiving-themed comedy bits. 

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Kristen Wiig’s Thanksgiving Song

Celebrate the season with this ditty which, if there were any justice, would already be a holiday staple among the Thanksgiving freaks and turkeyheads. You’ll also impress your friends with your newfound knowledge of historical facts about Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon and turkey-fearing Vikings.  

WKRP’s Turkey Drop

“Perhaps the greatest turkey event in Thanksgiving Day history” is also its most hilarious and deadliest. Ace newsman Les Nessman describes the ill-conceived dropping of turkeys from a helicopter as if it were the Hindenburg disaster, and he’s not far off. Blame station owner Arthur Carlson for the disaster, as well as one of the best lines in sitcom history: “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

Vincent Price Thanksgiving

Is it the children of the night crying out in unimaginable agony? Or is it the Vincent Price Thanksgiving Special? Neither is more frightening than Judy Garland’s famous cornbread stuffing.

Thanksgiving Fails

Family gatherings plus hungry dogs plus savory birds is always a recipe for hilarious disaster. 

Tom Turk and Daffy

There are plenty of classic cartoons based on Thanksgiving fun, but Daffy Duck and Porky Pig in a Pilgrim hat put this one over-the-top. Tom Turk was too much to become a regular Looney Tune but as a hysterical holiday guest star? Chef’s kiss. 

First Thanksgiving with Will Ferrell

John Smith is an idiot. He thinks Pocahantas’ mom’s name is Mrs. Hantas. He’s 30 and dating a 12-year-old. And he doesn’t even wash his hands after doing his business.  But that doesn’t stop him and a Native grandfather from bonding over corn kernels in their stools. 

All the Friendsgivings

It’s sad to think this will be our first Thanksgiving without one of the Friends, considering no other comedy made such a tradition of celebrating the annual feast. The least we can do is contribute a dish to pass in Matthew Perry’s honor. 

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