Danny Brown Wants to Make Amends With Dave Chappelle After Saying the Comic Couldn’t Handle His Weed

The pair have had a quiet feud since Chappelle bombed a set after smoking a joint with the Detroit rapper
Danny Brown Wants to Make Amends With Dave Chappelle After Saying the Comic Couldn’t Handle His Weed

Danny Brown says that stand-up comedy is a lot harder than he thought it would be — Dave Chappelle could say the same thing about smoking weed with rappers.

Ever since Chappelle’s Show, the Netflix stand-up star has had a close-knit relationship with the hip-hop community. Chappelle is regularly seen hanging out with the world’s most famous rappers, he’s been a regular commentator on the anti-Semitic misadventures of Kanye West, and, in 2020, he even featured on a song from Big Sean’s album Detroit 2, a track titled, “Story by Dave Chappelle.” In it, Chappelle recalls a night he spent in the Motor City during which he shared a joint with Detroit native Brown before Chappelle was supposed to do a set at the Fillmore, which, of course, he bombed on account of being unimaginably, unperformatively stoned out of his mind. “I smoked weed a million times in my life,” Chappelle said in the song insinuating that Brown may have laced the J with something special, claiming, “(I) never, ever remember feeling this way before.”

Since the song’s release, Brown has roundly denied Chappelle’s suggestion that there was a secret ingredient in his ganja, once addressing the comic on his podcast, saying, “Fuck your feelings, n----." However, the rapper is now looking to make a name for himself in the comedy world, and he worries that he may have burned a very valuable bridge. Speaking to HipHopDX, Brown said of Chappelle, “I just respect him so much” — even if he is a total lightweight.

On Browns latest album Quaranta, he made a reference to Chappelles accusations against him on the song “Dark Swords,” rapping, “Smoke with Dave Chappelle, the n---- think I laced him / Knew it was the pack / He started talkin’ ’bout spaceships.” Brown still maintains that the Chappelle's failed set had nothing to do with his own stash.

Obviously, no one except Brown and Chappelle could ever know the truth about the spliff they shared, so, until either Chappelle reveals that hes not the leather-lungs he presents himself to be or Brown admits that he likes a little chemical X when he PowerPuffs, well never know the truth about that night in Detroit. Maybe Chappelle should just stick to the dispensaries for his pre-show pot, or just find another excuse for bombing.

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