22 of the Best Times a TV Character’s Deception Was Revealed

Dexter seeing his graveyard get exposed on the news… iconic
22 of the Best Times a TV Character’s Deception Was Revealed

Part of television’s job is being so much more interesting than real life. Over the course of your everyday activities, the most cunning scheme you encounter is probably everyone avoiding being the one who has to refill the ice cube tray in the office freezer, but the big talking screen is full of political intrigue and criminal conniving. Honestly, it sounds exhausting, so that’s probably the best place for it.

To that end, Redditor unitedfan6191 recently took to r/Television to discuss major reveals in TV history, explaining, “I liked in Buffy Season Three when Buffy had Angel pretend he had lost his soul again in order to infiltrate the Mayor’s cabal and then the reveal at the end of the episode when Faith finds out the two of them played her. That was an awesome season of TV.” They then asked, “What are your best examples in TV history of a character’s deception being exposed?” and Reddit came through with reveals more twisty than the minds of frequenters on some of its less savory subreddits.

The Good Place


BoJack Horseman

Station Eleven

True Blood

The West Wing


The Americans



Boardwalk Empire


The Sopranos

Better Call Saul

Mad Men

Babylon 5

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Game of Thrones

The Shield

Breaking Bad


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