32 of the Worst Coworkers Ever

I mean, it IS a graveyard smash
32 of the Worst Coworkers Ever

If you haven’t had a coworker you hate, have you even been employed? 

While having an older coworker you vibe with is a popular meme, there’s something sinister on the other end of that spectrum: a coworker you absolutely hate. Whether they’re an open-mouth chewer or they play “Monster Mash” 24/7 in their cubicle, every job has a person who seems like they were genetically engineered in a lab for the express purpose of annoying you. 

These Redditors definitely agree, and have posted about horrible coworkers who make unemployment sound pretty good.

SonOfRobot 2y I win this one. She made a pot of coffee for the staff but spiked it with meth. ... 1.3k
Spartannia 10y Easily the bisexual love triangle that I had to deal with while working at Arby's in college. One of my managers (female) had just split with her husband, so she started banging one of the kitchen bitches (male). When that went sour, she started hooking up with one of the female employees. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem, except the male kitchen bitch clearly still harbored feelings, which led to some nasty shouting matches during work hours. They'd try to pull the other employees into it and get us to take sides. I was all like, Fuck you,
SaveTheWails 10y I was a swing manager at McDonalds in high school. We had one employee, Johnny, who just didn't want to do any work. Не was in the kitchen so his duties were to cook, prep, clean and restock. His favourite thing to do was prep. Ask the man to make a Big Mac and you'd get the worst sandwich ever. Ask him to slice tomatoes and you'd get perfection. Anyways, one day we're really busy and I'm helping out in the basement with an inventory order. Johnny comes downstairs and his hand is sliced, bad. Down to the
BmorePride 10y I used to work for a full-body donation facility. Like, you donate your body to science, we would cut it up and send your different parts to researchers all over the world. In this facility we had lots of gurney's to transport the 7-8 bodies we received a day. We would also cut up the bodies on the gurney's... which meant these things were disgusting. We cleaned them... but still. My coworkers and I began noticing that some of the gurney's weren't always in their rightful place when we opened shop in the morning. Immediately you think, ghosts.
angryhaiku 10y I share office space with a woman who's been working in our firm for 35 years now. Underneath her desk she has a banker's box half-filled - at least 10 kilos - with colorful rocks. One day I asked her about the rocks. Oh, everytime somebody reaaaally pisses me off, they get a rock in my box, so I can remember it. You mean...all of those rocks represent somebody? She rummaged in the box for a second and pulled one out. This is for the time  didn't invite me to her Christmas party, even though I gave her a present.
Springpeen 10y I once worked with a guy who genuinely believed cats could reproduce with rabbits and would argue at length about it almost every day. The first time I told him it was impossible, he searched cabbits on google images and said See! Told you!. Maybe not the worst, but definitely the dumbest. Keep in mind, this guy was 32 years old. ... 157
hungrierdave 10y Dana. I can't stand Dana. Whenever you have any question, she looks at you like you're crazy for asking. She gives you one of those looks like, seriously? You want me to do that? it doesn't matter that what you're asking for is her responsibility. You can't ask her to do anything without her giving you shit back. She doesn't copy people on emails so she'll go off and work on a team project with her different team while other people are doing THE SAME THING. To top it all off, she's in marketing and unknowingly made our
Fireach 10y Oh God, David. I started working as a glass collector at this nightclub and he'd been doing the job for about 6 months before me. This made him think he was essentially my boss even though nobody had ever told him this, and despite the fact I was clearly better at the job than him. He'd do everything in such stupidly over- complicated and slow ways, wasting so much time and generally causing the place to almost grind to a halt. The worst part was the fact he seemed to have no concept of personal space though. I
kingby30 . 1 10y The funniest thing ive ever read on reddit was on one of these threads maybe a year ago.. someone said a guy at his work would listen to monster mash loudly in their cubicle on a consistent basis. not sure why but thats hilarious to me just picturing that. ... 231
SenorSerio . 10y I had been covering a coworker's responsibility on a project for about a month because he didn't have time to learn the task up until that point. I finally pressure him to schedule some time to learn it with me and he says, Well why can't you keep doing it? ... 57
wodiesan . 10y Hospital inpatient unit: Staff member put breastmilk into a dirty utility (aka urine and stool) refrigerator. I mean, she had to move a couple of patient specimens to fit the stash of breastmilk that she carried with her. The nurse had to tell the patient's mom. Another time she almost pulled out a picc line. This line goes from your arm to a vessel near your heart. She thought it was an IV and almost took it the fuck out. This is after showing her multiple times the differences between an iv and a picc. ... 18
mcderson9 2y Had a colleague who genuinely enjoyed seeing people not do well and enjoyed when people felt uncomfortable. She's very manipulative, and is actually quite good at it. She would ask you questions and sympathize with whatever you've got going on, only to turn around and tell everyone what you just confessed to her. After about 2-3 months with the company, if she hasn't already somehow screwed you over, you've heard enough about her to know that if you don't want the rest of the room to find out, then you don't tell her. Yeah, I'm talking about you
PenMarkedHand 2y I had a 50 year old colleague who would message women on sugar baby apps and rub one out over his trousers. Saw him blow his load in the open office. Не sat next to me. Kept on happening, reported it. Не said he had a genital rash, but admitted to 'messaging people on social media'. I got in trouble for my accusations. Fast forward 8 months, he's sitting opposite me now. Не starts rubbing one out in the open office again. I recorded him. Showed my manager, and he was finally fired.
Niblek 2y We had a sysadmin who would come to work and run his real estate business from his desk while he was supposed to be working. The whole time coughing and sneezing and sniffling constantly. We called him Itchy. Не would also call friends and family and have hours long conversations with them while we all had to listen. Не picked up the nickname Thanksgiving dinner guy for using the break room (full kitchen) to cook entire meals that wouldn't be out of place at a family gathering. One of the offices in another wing had a sheet by
adoptdontshop1 . 2y I work with a woman who is threatened by other women, especially if they are younger and have more education than her. She consistently tries to discourage women from furthering their education, and constantly tries to get women she is threatened by fired. She is a goddam nightmare.
ralo229 2y I used to work part time at a shipping warehouse and at one point, we ended up hiring this sixteen year old kid. Не made a ton of mistakes that we ended up having to fix for him, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first just because he was new. But not only did he never learn from his fuck-ups, but he was incredibly lazy and lacked any self-awareness. There were instances where he was given a task, but then he'd either dick around on his phone most of the time, hide out in
glum_hedgehog . 2y Not as bad as some, but I'll never forget the 22ish year old girl who spent hours of one shift telling me, with no prompting at all, about how she used to be a raging heroin addict but she was over it now and had become extremely religious. She went into very explicit detail about her drug deals and the things she'd done to get drugs. My shy homeschooled ass was stunned. The very next day she got fired for stealing 20 dollars from the cash register. ... 2.7k
Rowwie DE 2y She told our boss that she wanted to break into my apartment and touch all of my stuff because I bet it's all really cool. This was right after I found out she'd moved into the apartment next door. She would send stuff to my apartment just so I would put it on her stoop and knock on her door. ... 670
Robearsn 2y My manager a few jobs ago. It was a tech company. We were the marketing team, which really just meant digital marketing. She had a very loose grasp on how our various tech platforms worked, and one day said to me when discussing her exasperation at posting a YouTube video to our brand channel: I don't really understand the internet. She was dead serious. It was 2014. She was ultimately fired. ... 1.2k
Lil_BootySnack 2y I quit smoking due to a coworker that would follow me to every smoke break to talk about their problems when I needed some god damn me-time. Its been 3 years, and I still haven't bothered to pick the habit back up. ... 19.3k
NedRed77 . 2y We had a middle aged lady that smelled like tuna. I was a manager and had to send her home one particularly hot day. I also had to put her chair outside after she left as it still smelled. It was such a shame as she was a really nice lady. She just fucking stank. ... 1.8k
sexyebola69 2y An MMA fighter with serious PTSD (although it sounds like he was crazy and mean before he went to war). I have brown-ish skin, and he would threaten to kill me multiple times a day at work. Once he put me in a a sleeper hold just to put me down for fun, and two other guys had to get him off. Guy was laughing maniacally the whole time. Sometimes he would hit me around the waistline when no one was looking, so no one could see the bruises. Threatened to kill me and my family members if
garfodie81 . 2y I fully acknowledge there are far worse things, but she microwaved salmon. ... 209
Explosive_Turducken . 2y Had a guy that I worked with in my meat department at the store I work at, he would lose his mind over any little thing and get super angry and make everyone very uncomfortable. I was training a new guy and he was on one of his tantrums so I had to get my managers to help me out. One time he got so mad that he threw an actual meat cleaver in the wall and the dent is still there to this day. Не got fired a few months ago and it's been the happiest
inu_yasha . 3y My coworker likes to initiate conversations, then does long pauses where you go to say something back, then he cuts you off and keeps talking. Не has entire conversations almost entirely by himself. Не also likes to make changes to my paperwork before its turned in.. ends up riddled with spelling mistakes while he tries to make the content look smarter. Fortunately its all electronically stamped with who made revisions. ... 14.8k
AtlantaFieldClowns . Зу Worked with a girl who would sometimes just lay in the floor and play on her phone. She would routinely flip out about something her boy friend did and just start screaming curse words, sometimes in front of customers. She was eventually fired for smoking weed while on the clock. ... 7.1k
litkat16 . . 3y I had a manager once who dumped trash on my desk my third day there. She said it was to remind me that taking out the trash was part of my job description (it wasn't, I was a research assistant at a mortgage firm) ... 18.7k
SylkoZakurra . Зу I have several bad ones but the one that drives me the most crazy is a lady who creates problems just so she can solve them. Ugh. She takes a simple job, finds the one tiny issue, blows that up and freaks everyone out and then solves it so she can be the hero. Just take the 1 minute to fix the issue in the first place. It would save the literal hours she spends working everyone up so she can be their savior. ... 318
jellojock 3y My worst co-worker was one I worked with when I was a cashier at Walmart. She approached me and asked me to cash out her paycheck. I was still new at the job and never got training on how to do that function. She was sympathetic, so she walked me through how to do it. Transaction over and done, I go on about my day. I get called back a couple of days later by my managers and they circled me in an office and accused me of stealing. After tears, video tapes, and telling them what happened
rosatenena 3y I have a coworker who's very old-fashioned and strongly believes that males and females cannot be friends. Well, it just so happens that my manager and I, a male and a female, happen to get along quite well because of our similar ages and interests. She reported me to the other managers for it and accused me of sleeping with him. ... 686
KillerKackwurst4 . . Зу This guy named Daniel I used to work with at McDonald's in high school. Не let everyone know he worked out and enjoyed being on the football team. Не had this thing about taking 5 shits a day. Не would walk by on his way back from the toilet, chest out, shoulders back and triumphantly announce that's shit number 3!... fucking Daniel. ... 21.3k
Lufernaal Зу I worked with a guy who'd interrupt any conversation to talk about anything as if he was the expert. And I don't use anything as a hyperbole. Не truly had something to say about anything, including things he had never heard of or obviously didn't know much about. When the subject being discussed was something in the category of things he didn't know much about, he would slowly steer the conversation away from the original discussion to something he would like to talk about at the moment. It was both amazing and the most annoying thing I had
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