23 TV Episodes That Surprised Even the Most Jaded Viewers

We still haven’t recovered from Omar’s death on ‘The Wire’
23 TV Episodes That Surprised Even the Most Jaded Viewers

The prestige TV era is all about shock value. If you don’t have as many plot twists as ludicrously expensive costumes, what are you even doing? But when everything is shocking, nothing is shocking. We’ve come to expect character deaths and resurrections, heel turns, and every Squid Game you can throw at us. A twist has to be truly shocking, or at least pulled off in an inventive way, to surprise today’s jaded viewers.

One of them is Redditor JasonToddsSidepiece, who recently told r/Television, “Maybe I don’t watch enough TV, but nothing really shocks me anymore. The last time I was genuinely shocked when watching TV was when the Earth queen was killed in The Legend of Korra. Looking back now, it’s still shocking, but especially seeing her be killed as a kid shook me to my core.” They then asked, “When was the last time a TV show truly shocked you?” and the subreddit bonded over a lot of shared trauma.


Better Call Saul

Our Flag Means Death

The Boys

House of Cards

Station Eleven

The Good Place

The Expanse

Midnight Mass


Breaking Bad


The Haunting of Hill House

The Wire

BoJack Horseman

Mr. Robot

Sharp Objects


Sons of Anarchy



Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead


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