24 Inexcusably-Written Character Deaths

Does the writers' ability to write a decent story die at the same time?
24 Inexcusably-Written Character Deaths

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There are a dozen reasons why a character gets killed off -- an actor gets a different job, the ratings drop, there's a weird lack of chemistry between the leads, or whatever. It's a fact of life, in Hollywood. The problem is, sometimes a character's death is so messy and poorly-written that it leaves fans annoyed and confused. It makes no narrative sense. It comes out of nowhere. The character gets robbed of the moment they were clearly building up to. There's just no excuse for that crap, in fiction.

For example ...

MIKE EHRMANTRAUT WAS A HIGHLY INTELLIGENT AND CALCULATING EX-COP. Br eaking Ba d His death at the hands of Walter White isn't earned. It's unbelievabl
Morales may not be the most important character in The Walking Dead series, but his death in Season 8 had me scratching my head. He first appears in S
Lancelot never gets to be a badass. In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Roxy is the only candidate to pass all the tests to become an agent. In the seque
SER BARISTAN GAME OF THRONES SELMY WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER SWORDSMEN FROM WESTEROS. It's very unsatisfying to have him die at the hands of some r
Dick Hallorann's death in THE SHINING is so annoying because it makes it seem like his only purpose for being in the movie is to deliver the escape ve
I definitely wasn't prepared to see Jack get killed by a sudden heart attack hours after surviving a fire. That was a gut-wrenching way for him to die
Random death could strike at any time on LOST, but none felt as abrupt as Mr. Eko's death. It felt like his story was just starting to build, up to so
Count Dooku was established as a mysterious, promising villain in Star Wars Episode ll. In Episode Ill he got quickly and easily killed in the movie's
Shepherd Book's death in Serenity was. an emotional gut punch that did nothing to advance the plot. He was written out of the crew for no good reason,
Lawrence Kutner was a brilliant, successful, happy character on House. Then he abruptly committed suicide. It came out of nowhere, and there was never
Scott Scanlon was the discernibly unpopular kid in the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210. He stood out as the one kid who wasn't going to change wh
In Star Wars, Luke's relationship with his aunt and uncle is presented as strained by their differing personalities and goals, but ultimately loving.
CRACKEDcO Mr Opus HoLland's COM Lou Russ finally learns to play the drum, thanks to Mr. Holland and a music montage. Then we learn he died soOn after
The final season of Samurai Jack introduced Ashi, giving much focus to her journey from a misguided villain to a hero. And then the ending killed her,
How I Met Your Mother ONE YEAR CHART TODAY'S LOTTERY NUMBERS ARE 32 31 30 29 28 27 I never liked the way in which they counted down to the death of
The death of Sirius Black really rubbed me the wrong way. His death was certainly abrupt, but that wasn't the only thing that got to me: After the cha
James Wesley is easily the most interesting character in season 1 of Daredevil. He is smart, eloquent, loyal, and calculating in enforcing Wilson Fisk
Debra's death in the series finale of Dexter was unexpected and illogical, io say the least. She slips into a coma, even after the doctor reassures De
Superman's untimely death in BATMAN V SUPERMAN felt shallow and uinearned! He had only been introduced one movie prior, SO it lacked emotional impact,
NOEPENDENCE DAY CRACKEDc COM One of the reasons people enjoyed Independence Day sO much was Captain Steve Hiller. So, bad enough he wasn't in the sequ
S7AR. CRACKEDo IIEN THE nEXT GENERATION The death of Tasha Yar was one of the weirdest moments in the series. The mid-season event was SO sudden it le
0 IORANGE The accidental death of is BLACKI the new Poussey Washington was a sad and shocking twist; however, it glossed over a lot of complex issue
The first two MATRIX movies established Trinity as one bad-ass chick! So her accidental death in a crash in THE MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS came across as a c
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