'Squid Game's Odd Parallels With A Real Twitch Show

It's easy to draw parallels between 'Squid Game' and 'Battle Royale,' but it feels much closer to 'DNSL Games' in execution.
'Squid Game's Odd Parallels With A Real Twitch Show

A Korean TV series where people facing economic difficulties are lured into a contest, risking life and limb in a series of twisted challenges in order to make money just took Netflix by storm worldwide. The contest in question is called regular capitalism Squid Game.

While it's easy to draw parallels between Squid Game and Battle Royale (the game genre, the book, or the film), Squid Game feels much closer to DNSL Games. In this small Twitch game show, a few dozen players spend a few hours in a room entertaining viewers and talking themselves out of getting shot until the sole-surviving player takes home the incredible sum of 50 dollars.

DNSL Games is hosted by Daniel, a YouTube creator who, just like Squid Game's "Front man," presents himself as a man just there to do the job but is probably having a lot of fun at the suffering of the contestants. Front Man originally presents himself as a goth Dr. Doom cosplayer:

But upon removing his mask … 

… reveals Storm Shadow from G.I.Joe, sporting a blank expression quite similar to that of Daniel, the murder host:

Or one that would be, if Daniel had eyes

And while the deadly gameshow scenario isn't unique, and we doubt a Korean show written in ‘08 would steal the plot of a game show on a platform that was yet to be made, Squid Game's aesthetic similarity with DNSL Games is quite the coincidence. In any case, it's not the first time Squid Game dealt with accusations of copying something else. Previously, it's been accused of copying 2014's As The Gods Will.

The most interesting aspect is how both the Squid and Daniel games feature VIPs, cruel spectators who keep the show running via their blood money. In both iterations, they're gold mask-wearing suits who revel in drinking while they watch other people get murdered in the cruelest of ways …

… through comically unnecessary opera glasses:

While Squid Game's producers claim they have no immediate plans for a season 2, the show's success will inevitably force it to go on until it gets killed off as if it were one of the contestants. Maybe consider Daniel's theme park where every single ride is designed to murder you as inspiration for the setting of season 2.

Or is that too close to Five Nights At Freddy's?

Top Image: Netflix

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