Jodie Foster Thinks Everyone Should Watch ‘Team America: World Police’ at Least Once

Actors’ opinions matter more than regular folks’, so why isn’t ‘Team America’ IMDb’s highest-rated movie of all time?
Jodie Foster Thinks Everyone Should Watch ‘Team America: World Police’ at Least Once

Two-time Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster says that her “number one” film that every moviegoer should experience is Team America: World Police, an expert opinion that deserves to be held in the highest regard — after all, she’s probably a part of the Film Actors’ Guild.

Over her half century-plus career at the forefront of film and television, Foster has appeared in a number of movies that many cinephiles would likely list among their most highly recommended. Between Taxi DriverSilence of the Lambs and Contact alone, Foster’s fingerprints are all over film history, and it would be safe to assume that her personal taste in entertainment is at least as refined and high-brow as her IMDb page. In a recent talk with fellow celebrated actress Greta Lee for Interview Magazine, Foster proved that presumption absolutely correct.

The wide-ranging conversation covered a list of topics most pressing to the film industry, including Foster’s optimism for the future of indie movies and her acrimony toward the oversaturated superhero genre. The most important nugget from the talk, however, was the revelation of her all-time favorite film that she wants everyone to experience — especially fans of Matt Damon.

When Lee asked Foster to name a movie that everyone should see at least once, Foster named two — first, for the Hollywood folks, she said Everything Everywhere All at Once deserves a viewing. Then, Foster said, “This is probably number one — the puppet movie Team America: World Police.”

“A sense of humor is my touchstone, and I have a very dumb sense of humor,” Foster explained. As a very serious actor, a profession that Team America taught us is one of the most important in the entire world, Foster says that the sense of humor that makes Team America her Citizen Kane is an important part of her process. “Sometimes with actors, even in the most dramatic circumstances, I like to laugh with them. I like to laugh about really intense things,” Foster said.

Foster also had quite a bit to say about how her own acting methods have evolved over time, as she grows more conscientious and economical in her work. Lee, who is enjoying a higher level of recognition than she’s ever seen in her career due to her acclaimed performance in the recent indie drama Past Lives, hoped to learn everything Foster has to teach about the art of acting, which, again, is the hardest, most meaningful profession in the world. ”Can I announce myself as officially becoming a paid subscriber to the Jodie Foster School of Acting?” Lee asked Foster.

Foster replied, “Well, get working on your Team America monologues.”

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