Homer Simpson’s Five Most Selfless Gestures

Fans pick the top times Homer’s enlarged heart saved the day
Homer Simpson’s Five Most Selfless Gestures

In the words of The Springfield Shopper, “Big Fat Man Has Big Fat Heart.

Of all the descriptors one could use to describe Homer J. Simpson, “selfless” probably wouldn’t be the first one to jump to most Simpsons fans’ minds. However, the Simpson family patriarch has moments of pure altruism that almost make it make sense that his put-upon wife and kids continue to put up with his buffoonery, even if they are few and far between. Throughout The Simpsons’ 35 seasons and counting, Homer’s decision-making strategy has largely been impulse-driven, as food and booze are the primary motivations behind his actions and the well-being of those around him typically lies just one space above blimp rides.

Still, Homer’s heart didn’t survive triple bypass surgery and a lifetime of assault by sugar and fat just to grow cold in his friends’ and family’s times of need. Over in the Simpsons subreddit, fans recently discussed which of his redeeming moments were the most noble and selfless. Here are their picks, starting with…

When He Saved Flanders and the Leftorium

Sure, Homer’s moment of redemption only came after he actively prayed for Ned Flanders’ downfall and exploited his misery for material gain, but without Homer’s Herculean effort to rally the town’s lefties around the Leftorium, his archnemesis would be homeless, destitute and maybe even dead — no, that’s too far.

His Wise Words to Moe After His Heart Was Broken

The Simpsons’ most perpetually suicidal barkeep doesn’t often get to enjoy his existence, and the end of his short-lived relationship with a little person may well have driven him over the edge if not for Homer’s wise words about love and loss. Not today, old friend.

Working A Second Job at the Kwik-E Mart to Afford Lisa’s Pony

Homer’s decision to sacrifice his sleep and sanity to make his middle child’s dreams come true wasn’t remotely sustainable, but Lisa’s time with Princess was worth more to Homer than his own health. Thankfully, Lisa eventually came to her senses and freed him from his torment — there goes the employee of the month.

Taking the Fall for Patty and Selma Even After They Failed His Driving Test

Sure, Homer only bailed out his arch-rival in-laws by taking a trip to flavor country in order to make Marge happy, but the end result was the same — his compassion finally got him in Patty and Selma’s good graces, if only for a moment. I’d like to see Hitler do something that kind.

“Do It for Her”

What more needs to be said of Homer’s decision to slog through three-plus decades of demeaning labor under a ruthless taskmaster at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant? He does it for his family — especially its smallest member.

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