21 Beloved Characters Who Really Shouldn’t Be Idolized

Rory Gilmore was a doe-eyed narcissist
21 Beloved Characters Who Really Shouldn’t Be Idolized

In our most authoritarian daydreams, we sometimes wish we could force people to pass a test on the movie they just watched; if they fail, they have to go right back in and watch it again. There’s simply too many people out there throwing Gatsby parties and forming fight clubs who apparently completely misunderstood their supposedly favorite movies. Focus too much of that non-comprehension on a terrible character, and that’s how you get John Hinckley Jr.

Such people were surely on Redditor WhereDemonsDwell’s mind when they asked r/AskReddit, “Which fictional characters are idolized by people who missed the entire point of their story?” It turns out that even the coolest supervillains, the dreamiest manic pixie dream girls and a fair number of ostensible heroes are nothing to emulate.


Breaking Bad

The Harry Potter Franchise

The Indiana Jones Franchise

Fifty Shades of Grey


The Godfather




Gilmore Girls


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Family Guy

Absolutely Fabulous

Game of Thrones

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Sex and the City



The Super Mario Bros.

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