The Best Nelson Muntz Moments on ‘The Simpsons’

The best of both sides of Springfield’s resident roughneck
The Best Nelson Muntz Moments on ‘The Simpsons’

Despite Nelson Muntz being the biggest bully at Springfield Elementary and the antagonist of countless Bart episodes, it’s hard for Simpsons fans, much like Lisa, not to have affection for the soft-hearted, tough-shelled scamp — though we’d never make him guess it.

Martin Prince’s burly protector may not seem all that complex upon initial inspection — the tattered-vest-wearing ruffian seems to be a stereotypical latchkey kid whose unstable home life and unusually large size create a classic middle-American bully. However, there is so much more to Nelson than meets the eye — his secret passions are as sensitive and touching as those of any boy who yearns for a father’s love. Nelson is complicated, compelling and completely willing to smash in the skull of anyone who tells him as much, with an obligatory “Ha ha!” to hammer in the disrespect.

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, the superfans recently discussed which noogies, wedgies and teary-eyed appreciations for showtunes are the all-time best Nelson moments in Simpsons history. Here are their top picks…

“I’ll Handle This, Lisa, You Go Have A Fig Bar”

“Your Mom’s A Jailbird!”

“You Made Me Bleed My Own Blood!”

“Gotta Nuke Some’n!”

“Hey Bart, Your Epidermis Is Showing!” With An Additional “I Said, ‘Ha Ha!’”

“Guess Who Likes You”

Nelson Single-Handedly Turns This Car Around

“Your Manager Says for You to Shut Up!”

“Now, If The Berries Are Too Tart, I Just Dust Them With Confectioner’s Sugar”

“Spring Forth, Burly Protector, and Save Me!”

“I Didnt Think He Was Gonna Do ‘Moon River,’ and Then, Bam! Second Encore”

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