Scary Chevy Chase Channels His Inner Joker

Why so serious?
Scary Chevy Chase Channels His Inner Joker

What could be more frightening than Chevy Chase randomly ringing your doorbell? How about Chevy Chase knocking on your door dressed up as one of the most iconic villains of all time — not to mention 2008’s most popular Halloween costume?

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That’s the plot of Chase’s latest epic, posted this week to his Instagram account. Our tale of horror begins with Chase riding shotgun in a minivan on the way to his local Target. “Heath Ledger?” he muses. “He did a whole character that was really wonderful.” Say what you want about Chase, but his foreshadowing game is on point. 

Once inside the store, Chase hops on one of those plug-in scooters and begins his rolling rampage through the candy aisle. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy,” he grins, scooting past bewildered shoppers. 

Finally, he reaches his destination — the spooky make-up display. Blood red? Yes, please! Ghostly white? Of course. Midnight black? In the cart. Booger green? Chase scores the last one. A more intricate kit for detailed makeup flourishes? C’mon, Chase isn’t going to get that crazy. “That’s way over the top,” he grumbles. “We don’t want that.”

Next, Chase motors over to the toy aisle where his wife hands him a Joker action figure. Like we said, the guy knows how to give a hint.

One stolen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup later and we’re back in the Chase house where his wife gets to work on his eerie transformation. Chase can’t be bothered to take off his golf cap, but that doesn’t lessen the terror when he turns to face the camera — AS THE JOKER! — to whisper Ledger’s signature line:

“Why so serious?”

It’s the best Ledger-as-Joker costume since the time CreedKevin and Dwight all came to the office dressed exactly like Chase. Great minds, people, great minds. 

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