13 of the Funniest Jokes, Gags and Tricks From Penn & Teller

It’s hard to know what’s harder — comedy or magic? And yet, Penn & Teller manage to make both of them look easy
13 of the Funniest Jokes, Gags and Tricks From Penn & Teller

Since the 1970s, Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller have performed not just astonishing acts of magic but hilarious ones, too. Their combined prowess as magicians, paired with Penn’s gift of gab and Teller’s lack thereof, has led them to not only packed houses in Las Vegas but also numerous comedic TV shows and cameo spots.

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To celebrate these magical funnymen and self-proclaimed hucksters, we present some of their funniest moments…

On ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

Penn & Teller played characters that live in Limbo, which just happened to be located in Sabrina’s closet.

Rodent Roulette

On a talk show appearance with Jonathan Ross, Penn & Teller showed off a new, safer (by comparison) version of Russian Roulette.


Per the music video, only one group can out-trick Penn & Teller: Run DMC.

When They Met Scooby-Doo

When They Teamed Up with Piff the Magic Dragon and Matt Franco

The duo teamed up with Piff the Magic Dragon and Matt Franco on America’s Got Talent to bring some holiday cheer to the judges.

Teller the Blockhead

To promote Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, the duo appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien to do a publicity stunt featuring Teller’s head stuck in a concrete block.

Hold Your Breath

Penn performed a simple card trick as Teller was totally fine within a flooded tank. Eventually.

When They Went to Springfield

On The Simpsons, Homer interrupted Penn & Teller’s performance, which revealed a terrible Teller secret.

Throwing Knives with Conan O’Brien

On Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Penn volunteered Conan as a blindfolded target for a knife-throwing trick.

As Drew Carey’s Lawyers

On the will-never-find-it-on-streaming Drew Carey Show, Penn & Teller played Drew’s lawyers, Fenn and Geller, to defend him during a lawsuit. How could he lose?

Proving That They’re the Best Magicians in the World

Eat your heart out, David Copperfield! On Saturday Night Live, Penn & Teller proved that they’re the best magicians in the world by defying gravity.

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