Flo From Progressive Addresses Those Pete Davidson Romance Rumors

‘We both got the closure we needed’
Flo From Progressive Addresses Those Pete Davidson Romance Rumors

Pete Davidson fans who tuned in for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live likely loved “I’m Just Pete,” the Barbie parody that details the difficulties of living the Pete lifestyle.

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Davidson’s song runs down a harrowing hit list of his many travails:

  • Even with Joe Pesci, no one is watching Bupkis but my mom
  • I got high and bought a boat with Colin Jost
  • The tabloids say I have butthole eyes
  • I’m ugly — but for a comedian, I’m arite
  • I’d like to fire back at a certain Kim Kardashian ex but I’m not legally allowed
  • I go to rehab a few times a year
  • My long list of celebrity exes also includes Michelle Obama and Flo from Progressive 
  • I deleted all my… waitaminnit, Flo from Progressive???

We’d be inclined to chalk up the so-called relationship to just another one of the song’s jokes, but Flo herself has confirmed the dalliance.

“Yes, Pete and I had an amicable separation earlier this year,” the long-running TV spokesgal confessed yesterday on X/Twitter. “But we’ve since reconnected after a claim incident involving a dream car and a dream home, and we both got the closure we needed.”

Given Pete’s history with fender benders, it makes sense that he got busy with Flo for a time. Just this year, he was charged with reckless driving for crashing his car into a house, which is a little more than reckless in our book. Wouldn’t you realize you were a little off the main drag as you motored your way across the lawn into the side of a split-level ranch?

Then just days before his SNL hosting appearance, he generated “Pete Davidson Crashes His SUV” headlines while leaving a comedy club. So, it was no surprise when Pete picked up Barbie in her pink sports car and then promptly drove it directly into her Dream Home.

We’re curious if the Pete/Flo romance was a paid product placement from Progressive (smart) or the insurance company taking advantage of a little free publicity (smarter). We’re guessing the latter, but we also wouldn’t put it past Pete Davidson to have actually enjoyed a fling with America’s favorite insurance peddler. Let’s face it, the guy has had a lot of weirder romances.

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