Sometimes An Earthquake Is Just Pete Davidson Driving Into Your House

Sometimes An Earthquake Is Just Pete Davidson Driving Into Your House

If you’re a sixteen-year-old in Los Angeles and your house starts to shake violently, “it’s an earthquake!” is a reasonable take on what’s happening. But when you’re living in the land of the stars, you also have to consider that maybe it’s Pete Davidson’s Mercedes plowing into your living room. 

Davidson was out for a spin with partner-of-the-moment Chase Sui Wonders this weekend when he lost control of his car, crashed through a fire hydrant, and slammed into the side of a house. A sixteen-year-old was home alone reading when the stand-up comic manufactured a new side entrance into her home, reports TMZ.

According to ABC News 7, Beverly Hills police didn’t charge Davidson after the accident, which… seems weird. Isn’t driving your luxury car into someone’s couch worthy of a traffic ticket these days? Aluminum siding doesn’t just replace itself. 

Must be an “all’s well that ends well” situation, since the girl’s father told TMZ that no one was hurt other unless you count some shrubbery and, oh, the side of his freaking house. According to Dad, his kid was “a bit traumatized,” a symptom reported by nearly everyone who has encountered an out-of-control car. Davidson reportedly said he was sorry to the young woman, an apology no doubt made all the more spectacular by the Vegas-style hydrant erupting behind them. 

Glad everyone’s okay, and since regular people’s tragedies make for amazing stand-up material, we can’t wait to hear all of the sordid details on Davidson’s next Netflix special.

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