13 Funny Jokes and Bits from John Cena

Cena has become our funniest strongman
13 Funny Jokes and Bits from John Cena

Wrestling-champ-turned-comedic-powerhouse John Cena has become Hollywood’s funniest swolemedian. Whether it’s as the comedically complex Peacemaker, a merman in Barbie or just a dad trying to prevent his teen daughter from having sex in Blockers, Cena has proven time and again that his comedy muscles are as strong as his real ones.

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Here are some of Cena’s funniest jokes and moments to shatter your funny bone with (from the top rope, of course)…

‘Saturday Night Live’s College Football Student

Cena plays a student who just wants a fair shot at education at a school that wants him to succeed — a little too desperately. That said, his presentation on bananas was interesting.

When He Saved Scooby-Doo and the Gang

If anything can stop a rolling boulder, it’s hustle, loyalty, and respect… and muscles… and the ability for your theme song to play anywhere you go.

As a Mermaid Ken in ‘Barbie’

Giving Fred Vampire Lessons

In one of his early roles, Cena played the Nickelodeon/Internet/Annoying Star Fred’s father throughout the films and series. This would be the start of his reputation of being the best part of something that was otherwise critically panned.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling

In one of the legitimately funniest things WWE has ever produced, Cena portrayed straitlaced pro wrestling commentator Lance Catamaran in Southpaw Regional Wrestling, a series of sketches based on old local pro wrestling shows from the 1970s and early 1980s.

As a Vacation Friend in ‘Vacation Friends’

It’s kinda impressive (gross, too) that he can just predict when a bird is about to poop.

Changing Diapers in ‘Playing With Fire’

Speaking of poop, Cena and Keegan-Michael Key find themselves in over their heads when it comes to the logistics of diaper changes. 

As Pazuzu in ‘Sisters’

Cena’s no-nonsense performance as a heavily tattooed drug dealer in this Tina Fey and Amy Poehler comedy works incredibly well. Especially since the drugs are hazelnut-free.

As a Cock-Blocking Dad in ‘Blockers’

Listen, we’re all getting old, and it’s difficult to interpret what emojis actually mean to teenagers. Right? RIGHT???

Guest Starring on ‘Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show’

On the Pawnee local syndicated children’s show in Parks and Recreation, Cena appeared as himself to excite the children, but no one seemed more excited to see him than Andy Dwyer. Too bad he had to go to prison.

As Sammy Knox of the Wolf Claw Dojo

In this Karate Kid parody, Cena plays the badass bully foil to our hero. Surely, he’ll get his comeuppance, right?


Trainwreck warned us not to cross John Cena, or he will ENTER YOU!

Every Time He’s Peacemaker

Thus far in his acting career, no character showcases Cena’s comedic chops better than DC’s Peacemaker. So many clips could be used to demonstrate this, including the amazing dance sequence for the show’s intro, but we’re gonna show off his improvisation skills this time instead.

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