John Cena Made $2.5 Million For Three Scenes In 'Trainwreck'

Long before he was Peacemaker, Cena guest starred as Amy Schumer's homoerotic ex-boyfriend
John Cena Made $2.5 Million For Three Scenes In 'Trainwreck'

Apparently, the going rate paid out to actors willing to date Amy Schumer onscreen is roughly $800,000 per scene.

Well, that’s what WWE superstar John Cena charged in 2015, at least. Long before HBO’s Peacemaker series unambiguously established the wrestling icon as a comedy acting powerhouse, the Judd Apatow-directed, Schumer-written and Bill Hader-co-starred Trainwreck first raised our eyebrows and suggested that Cena could have a future in comedy. However, even before he became an in-demand funnyman, booking the 16-time world champion was no simple task – reportedly, Cena demanded $2.5 million to appear in the film despite the briefness of his appearance as Schumer’s beefy and accidentally homoerotic ex Steven.

Imagine how much they’d have to pay to actually see him.

Cena has been steadily putting out top-tier comedy performances since his brief appearance in Trainwreck, having starred in slapstick roles in films like Playing with Fire and Blockers, a film in which the champ butt chugs a 40 ounce malt liquor before farting it on Ike Barinholtz’ face. Somehow, I doubt that scene comes up when he’s doing one of his many Make A Wish visits.

Now, Cena stars on one of Max’s most beloved comedy shows in Peacemaker and $2.5 million for a Cena comedy performance looks downright charitable. It’s a shame the same thing didn’t happen for LeBron James in his post-Trainwreck comedy career – maybe Cena could have made Space Jam 2 watchable.

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