Kevin James Rebrands His Comedy Tour Thanks to All the Memes About Him

The ‘Double Hands in the Pocket Tour’ capitalizes on the meme of the moment
Kevin James Rebrands His Comedy Tour Thanks to All the Memes About Him

The King of Queens has become the King of Memes to achieve his King of Dreams.

For some reason known only to the terminally online, no one loves Kevin James more than meme-makers. The phenomenon was most prominent during the comic’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop arc, when photoshops of his face on the film series’ posters were the height of internet comedy. Then, in recent days, online James jokes made a resurgence in popularity after an old promotional photo from his nine-season sitcom King of Queens showing the comedian shrugging slyly with his hands in his pockets suddenly appeared in thousands of tweets and Instagram posts as the most popular meme template of the moment.

Quick to capitalize on the unexpected virality, James, who is on a stand-up tour that’s currently crossing the Midwest, decided to quickly rebrand his upcoming shows…

The “Double Hands in the Pocket” tour will be “Sheepishly Coming” to Indiana and Michigan in coming days, where audiences can expect to see some plaid-clad smirking that is decidedly different from the grizzled beard-and-chain branding that he’s been rocking in recent years. 

James’ on-screen wife, Leah Remini, has also reacted to the surprise popularity of a King of Queens pic, tweeting, “I wanted to let you all know I’m seeing all of The King of Queens memes and tweets and I absolutely love them. Thank you for 25 years of amazing memories!” 

It’s now only a matter of time before someone replies to her with the meme captioned, “David Miscavige when you ask him where his wife is:”

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