22 Mysterious Movie Monsters With Incredibly Underwhelming Reveals

Most horror movie antagonists should be heard and not seen
22 Mysterious Movie Monsters With Incredibly Underwhelming Reveals

It’s often much scarier if you never see exactly what is going around biting teenagers’ heads off, because the costume and/or CGI department simply can’t create something more terrifying than the human imagination. In fact, some movie monster reveals are so bad that they fail into downright comedy.

The Blair Witch Project is the prototype of the “horror movie that nailed this concept,” according to Redditor Citydweller4545. “The audience never sees anything but we hear the screaming and breathing, and the last visual we have left is the video going to static,” they explained. “No monster reveal needed and couldn’t sleep right for days.” 

On the other hand, they were super disappointed by the reveals in Cloverfield and The Babadook, complaining that “those movies were amazing because they built so much tension and fright without showing us anything.” They then asked r/Movies for more “horror movie monster reveals that ruined the movie,” and it turns out it’s, like, all of them.

The Conjuring 3


House on Haunted Hill



The Village



A Quiet Place



The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


The Paranormal Activity Franchise

The Jaws Franchise

It Conquered the World

The Giant Claw

Apollo 18

The Descent



Jeepers Creepers

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