24 of the Most Brilliantly Designed Movie Monsters

24 of the Most Brilliantly Designed Movie Monsters

What would you say is the most motivating human emotion? Love? Compassion? You fool. It’s unabashed, primal fear. That’s why we’ve been making movies about monsters since, oh, about when we started making movies. Sure, the whole “man vs. man” story structure has its place, but sometimes, it gets boring and you have to liven things up with some good old-fashioned alien sky squids. Nothing beats a handcrafted nightmare.

That’s why Wild_Pokemon_Appears recently asked r/movies, “In your opinion, what is the best designed non-human villain in movie history?” Their personal contribution was Alien’s Xenomorph and Jurassic Park’s T-rex, even though — as others pointed out in the thread — the T-rex was a goddamn hero and we won’t hear her name besmirched in this fashion. Some played fast and loose with the idea of humanity (is Darth Vader human or nah? What about Agent Smith?), but the answers will still have us sleeping with the lights on tonight.





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